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Airduct Cleaning

Airduct Cleaning

Goodway Benelux offers products and complete sets for cleaning, extraction, inspection and airflow measurement of mechanical ventilation and air ducts. Different equipment is available for each type of customer/user.

Cleaning of Airducts

Timely, preventive cleaning of ventilation/air ducts is very important for achieving a healthy indoor climate. Ventilation ducts can become a source of dust, bacteria and viruses over time. With timely and proper cleaning this can be prevented. Goodway Benelux is a supplier of various types of ventilation cleaning systems for almost every type of consumer. Both individuals and professional contractors/companies can find the right cleaning equipment here.

Advantages of airduct cleaning

Cleaning ventilation ducts brings many benefits, including:

  • Cleaner and healthier indoor environment/climate.
  • Less chance of illness and SBR (sick-building syndrome).
  • More flow of air, allowing the ventilation system to perform at optimal capacity.

From a business perspective contractors and service companies can also gain more revenue by adding ventilation duct cleaning to their services. Every home, office, building etc. needs adequate cleaning of their air ducts.

Choosing the right equipment

Goodway Benelux offers various equipment for cleaning ventilation ducts. Basically there are 2 main categories for customers to choose from. This depends entirely on the application as well as the available budget.

  1. Mechanical cleaning of ventilation ducts with flexible shafts driven by a drill; power drill shafts. These are easy-to-use flexible shafts in various lengths. On one side you attach the brush. As soon as the drill starts to rotate at the other side, the brush will also start to rotate. This allows you to loosen the deposits.
  2. Mechanical cleaning of ventilation ducts with flexible shafts driven by a remote controlled system: CDC package. This is the most professional method that also extracts loosened deposits directly during cleaning. Everything can be controlled and activated by a remote control.

We often see that individuals, contractors and (smaller) service companies choose the power drill shafts. This is because these shafts are simple, affordable and compact. Especially for cleaning smaller houses and apartments, this equipment is perfect.

For larger service companies cleaning larger ducts of 150+ millimeters, we recommend the CDC package. This is mainly used for applications such as: offices, buildings like hospitals and more. These are larger projects where professional equipment is required, in order to achieve a good cleaning result.

Complete Packages

To simplify the process for companies who want to use power drill shafts, we have put together complete ventilation cleaning sets. These sets contain all the products needed to clean ventilation ducts. These include:

  • Power drill shafts incl. brushes.
  • Dust extraction fan incl. filter.
  • Foam plugs to seal duct openings during cleaning.
  • (Optional) combi-deals where you can add inspection camera's and/or flow meters.

These complete ventilation cleaning sets can be found here.

Upgrades and extra services

The basis of cleaning ventilation ducts is brushing and vacuuming. With the brush you loosen the deposits and the vacuum cleaner makes sure that the loosened dust is actually removed from the duct. However, there are also accessories available that give extra possibilities. Think of the inspection and image recording of ventilation ducts. Or measuring the air velocity and volume inside a duct.

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!