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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is the shooting of oversized foam projectiles through various tubes and pipes. This works completely pneumatically and without water. Perfect for drying pipes or removing liquid product from a pipe.

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The principle

Dry pipe cleaning is especially popular in the food industry, but can be used wherever pipe cleaning is required. It can also be used, for example, to speed up the drying process of a heat exchanger.

The idea is that an oversized pigment of foam is shot through the pipe/pipe to be cleaned.
Because of the excess, this pig will take anything loose in the pipe. This can be either hard or liquid. A few examples:

  • Chocolate in a production line.
  • Water and residues in sewers. (also for festivals)
  • Wet rest product in a heat exchanger.

Foam Pigs

Foam pigs are very important in this process, especially their quality.
That's why Goodway Benelux only offers the best quality and type(s).

Especially the amount of Foam per cm3 is an important value.
The more foam per cubic centimetre, the stronger and stiffer the pig. This results in a projectile that attaches well to the walls and can thus be cleaned effectively. This not only enhances the cleaning effect, but also the length of time per pipe. Because better pigs don't have to be shot through as often.

The danger of a low quality pig is that it is too soft and therefore does not carry the pollution well. This leaves dirt in the pipes, which in some cases can be crucial.

Cleaning Guns

There are 2 types of cleaning guns available to shoot the Foam Pigs, these have the difference in size. Below are the notes:

  • Jetload: for pipes from 4.1 to 51 millimeters I.D.
  • Jetlaunch XL: for pipes from 50 to 115 millimeters I.D.

The Jetload also has a speed load system that allows you to quickly reload foam pigs.

Working method

The foam pigs are shot dry through the pipe by the cleaning gun.
This is done simply by loading the pig into the gun or pipe and pulling the trigger. Make sure that there is enough compressed air available, to be able to shoot the pig quickly through the pipe.

Personal assistance

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