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Goodway Professional Air Duct Cleaning Set +
Professional Air Duct Cleaning Set +

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Set +

Brand: Goodway
Article number: PROF-SET-6M
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The Professional Air Duct Cleaning Set + contains the best power drill shafts and accessories for professional cleaning of air ducts. Perfect for apartments, homes and more.

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Optimal Cleaning of Mechanical Ventilation Ducts

This air duct cleaning set + contains the best power drill shafts and brushes on the market. This, in combination with a compact, powerful radial fan and sealing caps, makes for a unique cleaning set. This set is therefore recommended for the professional who wants a higher quality than the normal air duct cleaning set.

Please note this product is of a separate product line of Goodway Benelux. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Scope of Delivery

The complete air duct cleaning set contains the following products and quantities:

  • FPDS Shaft: A Bi-Directional cleaning shaft, for various types of ducts and diameters.
  • FPDB Brush: Special brush that automatically adjusts to the duct diameter and type. (Range 100-250 mm)
  • Sealing caps: 4 pcs sealing caps to seal duct openings. (Range 110-150 mm)
  • FlowFan-750 radial fan with 400 M3/U flow. Including 3 meters of 110 mm suction hose and 1x G4 dust filter.

Additional benefits of the ''+'' set

The biggest advantage of this package compared to other packages is that a different flexible shaft + brush is included. The FPDS shaft and brushes have a number of great advantages over other products, such as:

  • Thicker steel core so that heavier cleanings can be performed.
  • Is fitted with an Allen connection, so that the brushes can rotate left and right.
  • Bidirectional rotation provides more cleaning effect and reduced risk of twisting.
  • Brushes can be used universally for various diameters and types such as; oval, round and square.
  • With 4 brushes you can clean ducts from 100 to 800 millimeters (!)


All mechanical ventilation ducts require periodic cleaning and maintenance to function optimally. In addition, correct cleaning is absolutely necessary to maintain a good hygiene within the air ducts. Some applications where this package can be used are:

  • Apartments in flat complexes.
  • Houses (detached as well).
  • Offices.

If you are going to clean larger air ducts of 150+ millimeters, we recommend using a heavier fan with more flow, like the Goodwave Series. We recommend the FlowFan-750 for ducts of up to 150 millimeters.

Advantages of a complete set

This complete duct cleaning set has been designed by our airduct experts in combination with feedback from our existing customers. This way you can be sure that this package contains everything you will need during air duct cleaning work.

The package contains everything you need. This also makes it easier as you don't have to look any further for additional products. If you want to expand the set with more equipment, that is also possible. For example, we also offer air flow meters, disinfection equipment and video inspection systems / endoscopes.

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

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Article number:PROF-SET-6M
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Plus points of this system:
Complete Package to Clean Air Ducts
Equipped with the Best Power Drill Equipment
Work at a Professional Level
Clean Ducts of 100-250 Millimeter with 1 Brush!
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