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Goodway Professional Coil Cleaning Package
Professional Coil Cleaning Package

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Professional Coil Cleaning Package

Brand: Goodway
Article number: COIL-PACKAGE-230/50
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This package contains all the equipment and products you need to clean coils efficiently and safely. Very interesting for air cooled condensers, chillers and dry coolers.

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Professional Coil Cleaning Package

This product package is fully assembled by the coil cleaning experts of Goodway Benelux. So you don't have to search any further or have to compose packages yourself. It contains all the products you need to perform a successful, professional cleaning of condensers and/or drycoolers.

The package is made for both professional companies and end users, who own such systems. Because the equipment is easy to use, everyone can perform the cleaning, with just a little training. As an end user you are, therefore, independent of third parties. Which means that you are not dependent of any schedule or additional costs for the work.

Operation System

Drycoolers and condensers have coils that need to be cleaned regularly. When it is full of atmospheric pollution, the airflow will drop greatly. As a result, the system has to operate at a higher capactity to achieve the same results. This not only increases the energy consumption, but also shortens the lifespan of the system.

High pressure cleaning systems are often used to clean, while this is not the right choice. When working with high pressure, the chance of flattening the coils is much higher. In addition, less water per minute is available for effective rinsing.

Goodway's cleaning systems offer a low pressure (+-30 BAR) with a flow of 12 litres/minute. This makes it very unlikely that any fins will be flattened. However, there is enough water available to flush the coils properly.

Cleaning without disassembling fans

One of the main advantages of Goodway equipment is that drycoolers can be cleaned from inside to outside as well as outside to inside. This can be done by using the 90 degree lances. These can be pushed through the fans. Without disassembling them. This not only saves an enormous amount of time and labor, but also in safety for the executing party.

Specifications of the package

This package contains the following items:

1x CC-400 HF Coil Cleaning System (coil cleaner with 30 BAR - 12LPM flow)
1x CJ-MSB-ACC-KIT (accessory pack with all necessary accessories)
4x 4 liter Coilshine cleaner + degreaser (alkaline & biodegradable)
1x Coil comb (for straightening damaged/flattened coils)

*Optionally, you can also order longer supply and output low pressure hoses, these additional options can be selected under the voltage selection. This allows you to place the unit further away from the system, without shortening the hose. The CC-400HF Coil Cleaner comes with (only) 3.6 meters spray hose and excl. supply water hose.

Custom Packages

Would you like a different package, for example with a different machine or incl. other accessories? That is possible! Simply contact our customer service to create a customized package.


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Article number:COIL-PACKAGE-230/50