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Goodway PSM-500 Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill
PSM-500 Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill

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PSM-500 Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill

Brand: Goodway
Article number: PSM-500
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The PSM-500 Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill is designed to quickly and effectively open up clogged tubes in straight tubes. Often used for small heat exchangers, lube oil coolers etc.

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The PSM-500 Air Powered Drill is specially designed to drill open small, short, straight heat exchanger tubes. For example when there is a blockage in it or the entire pipe itself is closed. This can be contamination, for example, but can also be the result of a reaction of the product. By using special hollow drills, the PSM-500 can work very effectively and offer a quick and easy solution for you. It is used for, among other things:

  • Small heat exchangers
  • Oil coolers

The PSM-500 drill has a range of 4.8 to 25.4 millimeters. By using the hollow drills, water can also be passed through, which not only cools the drill, but also quickly removes the loosened dirt. It is also possible to set up other special extensions on which a brush or flex hone can be mounted. For example, after drilling you can also polish the pipe etc. A total cleaning is therefore possible with this PSM-500 pneumatic drill. The most important specifications:

  • CE certified.
  • Easy to use - no training required.
  • High quality equipment - long service life.
  • 2.5 KG - lightweight.
  • Drill bit runs at 950 RPM.
  • Air requirements: Minimum 3.5 BAR at 300 litres/minute - Maximum 6.2 BAR at 530 litres/minute.
  • Water requirements: Minimum 2.1 BAR - Maximum 7 BAR.

The PSM-500 is supplied with 5 meters of air and water hose.

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Article number:PSM-500
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PSM-500 Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill + GTC-211 Blue Nylon Brush (Pack of 10) + Tube Cleaning Holle Boren met Koppelstuk (voor PSM-500) +
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