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Putzmaus Putzmaus Boiler Package – Micro (27-34mm)
Putzmaus Boiler Package – Micro (27-34mm)

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Putzmaus Boiler Package – Micro (27-34mm)

Brand: Putzmaus
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The Putzmaus Micro system is designed to automatically clean fire tubes from boilers with an internal diameter between 27 and 34 millimeters.

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Putzmaus Micro

The Putzmaus Micro system is suitable for cleaning fire tubes of boilers with an internal diameter between 27 and 34 millimeters. The system works almost fully automatic, which saves a lot of labour for the operator.

Please note this product is of a separate product line. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Propulsion / Cleaning

The system is pneumatically driven and operates with a pulsating movement. This allows the brush to pull itself back and forth through the pipe. Compressed air is also safe and easier to use in danger zones etc.

The Putzmaus systems are designed to perform preventive maintenance for boilers. Harder brushes are also available to perform initial cleaning, but this is not what the system is made for. If your boiler is heavily soiled or even clogged, a mechanical cleaning package is a better choice.

Complete Package

Putzmaus systems are delivered as a complete package, this is all packed in a compact, aluminum case and the hoses loose. What exactly is included with a Putzmaus can be found below:

  • Putzmaus system
  • 2 soft brushes for regular maintenance - 1 hard one for heavy deposit(s)
  • Reduction valve with oil
  • Compressed air hose (from compressor to regulator)
  • 6 meter high temperature hose 400 degrees (from regulator to the Putzmaus)
  • Tools and PPE.

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Advantages of this product:
Fully automatic systeem
Has a pulsating effect instead of rotating.
Can work both horizontally and vertically.
Complete package with everything included
Has a built-in vibration damper