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Goodway Quick-Shot Tube Cleaner
Quick-Shot Tube Cleaner

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Quick-Shot Tube Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: QS-300
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The Quick-Shot (QS-300) is a pneumatic cleaning tool, with which projectiles can be shot effectively and quickly through straight pipe bundles. Effective for 12,6-32 mm I.D. pipes.

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Introduction Quick-Shot Pipe Cleaner

The QS-300 Quick-Shot Pipe Cleaner is an innovative device that allows you to clean large quantities of straight pipes very quickly and extremely effectively. Think of heat exchangers and chillers with >1000 pipes. Because the Quick-Shot works on a mixture of compressed air and water, you can shoot projectiles through the pipes within seconds, regardless of their length!

Advantages Projectile cleaning:

  • Speed. Time savings in projectile cleaning is enormous. You can shoot pipes of various lengths within seconds. With 2 persons you can clean about 1000 pipes per hour under the right conditions. That's faster than any method.
  • Cost reduction. Projectiles are relatively inexpensive and can be reused, so the cost per cleaning is much less than, for example, with high pressure. In addition, only one extra gun or system is needed to shoot through the projectiles. These are also for rent.
  • Safety. Projectiles are shot at low pressure. This is not only safer for the operators, but also for the installation itself. Pipes are not exposed to high pressures internally, such as high pressure cleaning of +500 bar or more.
  • Water consumption. Projectiles shoot through the pipe within seconds. So there is almost no water used to clean a pipe. Maybe a few liters per pipe, to rinse it clean.


The QS-300 system can be used almost anywhere, some industries are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy Sector (Nuclear power plants a.o.)
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Petrochemistry
  • Maritime (Offshore a.o.)

Operation Quick-Shot QS-300

The Quick-Shot works very simple and is easy to set up. Because it is a compact device, these guns can be used in confined spaces with few personnel.

  • Use a heavy duty diesel compressor to get enough compressed air power. Compressed air is the primary cleaning tool, so the projectiles are shot through the pipe.
  • Connect a standard water connection for the water supply. The water here is meant to rinse the pipe clean.

Specifications and Features QS-300

Operation: 90% Compressed air / 10% Water
Available for pipe diameters: 12,6 - 31.8 millimetres internal
Available for projectiles: Tube Scrubbers & Coil Brushes
Certifications: CE - ARBO/VA - Compressed air standards
Air requirements: Minimum 6 BAR - Very high airflow
Transport case: 48 x 37 x 14 (length x width x height) - 2 KG
Delivery: QS-300 + 3 meters air and water hose with Claw couplings
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Article number:QS-300