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Goodway RAM-4 Chiller Tube Cleaning Kit
RAM-4 Chiller Tube Cleaning Kit

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RAM-4 Chiller Tube Cleaning Kit

Brand: Goodway
Article number: R4Ra-50-25Q (14-16mm)
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Complete package to clean tube bundles such as chillers and condensers. This package consists of a RAM-4 machine and various accessories.

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Complete Tube Cleaning Set

To make it easy for end customers and users, Goodway Benelux also offers complete tube cleaning packages. These packages are carefully composed by our experts. All necessary components and accessories are included in this package, so you don't have to search further.

With this package you can clean various tube bundles internally, such as chillers and condensers. These can be from well-known manufacturers such as; TRANE, YORK, CARRIER, McQuay etc.

System Operation

The package is ideal for maintenance of cooling and heating technical installations to clean tubes internally. By using specific brushes and cleaning tools, deposits are quickly and effectively removed from the tube wall. As a result, it is clean again, resulting in a direct improvement of the heat transfer. Thus, the overall efficiency of the system increases again.

Water is also flushed through the flexible shafts, which eventually comes out with the brush or cleaning tool. This water serves as cooling for the internal steel core. But it also serves as rinsing for loosened deposits. This way, the tube is simultaneously flushed.

On the other side of the tube plate (polluted) water will leave the tube. By using the supplied chiller bib kit, you can easily collect and dispose of the polluted water.

Specifications of the Package

This package contains the following items:

  • 1x RAM-4 Tube Cleaner (drive machine of the entire system)
  • 2x GTC-703Q-25 flexible shafts (flexible shafts 13.0 mm O.D. and 7.6 m long, with Quick Connect couplings, for bi-directional rotation)
  • 1x Chiller Bib Kit (to collect and drain water coming out of the tube end)
  • 30x GTC-211Q Blue Nylon brushes (perfect for removing lighter deposits)
    (choose the desired version in terms of diameter)
  • 20x SGB-Q Spin Grit Brushes (perfect for removing heavier deposits)
    (choose the desired version in terms of diameter)
  • 2x GTC-205Q or GTC-206Q buffing tools (perfect for removing heavier deposits on the tube wall, or to drill open tubes with the corresponding drill tip heads)
    (choose the desired version in terms of diameter)
  • 1x REP-703Q-KIT (repair kit to maintain and repair the flexible shafts)

** If you choose the option to clean all diameters, you will receive several types of flexible shafts and brushes.

Customized Packages

Tube Cleaning Packages can also be custom made, if for example you need longer flexible shafts, or if you want to be able to clean more diameters. Or maybe you want to have a different machine in the package, that's all a possibility. Contact our customer service to put together a customized tube cleaning package.

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Article number:R4Ra-50-25Q (14-16mm)