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Goodway RAM-5 Full Automatic Tube Cleaner
RAM-5 Full Automatic Tube Cleaner

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RAM-5 Full Automatic Tube Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: RAM-5ADC-50-3
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The RAM-5 is a fully automatic tube cleaning system for machine cleaning. You no longer need to manually push the flexible shafts through the pipe. With 1 push on the button it is automatically brought back and forth.

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Introduction RAM-5 Full Automatic Tube Cleaner

The RAM-5 is one of Goodway's easiest and most innovative tube cleaning systems. This system not only brings innovation, but also speed and less labour. Because the RAM-5 has a fully automatic ''Speed-Feed'' system, you can move the flexible axes back and forth at the push of a button.

This system is perfect for larger tube cleaning applications, such as heat exchangers or chillers with more than 500 pipes. The biggest advantage is that there is no more manual cleaning. This is particularly interesting for the operator, who operates the machine. This allows pipes to be cleaned again, in a shorter time, with less labour!

Fully Automatic Working with ''Speed-Feed"

Speed-Feed is the fully automatic system behind the RAM-5. This allows the operator to move the flexible shaft forwards and backwards within 1 click. During this process, the brush also rotates. This results in an optimal cleaning effect. The Speed-Feed system is in fact a gun through which the flexible shaft is pulled. In the gear-box of the RAM-5, the flexible shaft is driven and thus steered forwards or backwards.

The Speed-Feed system allows the operator to work much faster, with as little labour as possible. This system is 4 to 5 times faster than normal manual tube cleaners, where the flexible shaft has to be pulled through manually. The machine has a variable speed of 0 - 862.5 RPM. At the fastest position, the flexible shaft races through the pipe at almost 1 meter per second!

Compatibility RAM-5 System

The RAM-5 System is a system that is used for many applications, but has a number of important rules, for optimal use:

  • The RAM-5 system can work specifically with 1 type of flexible shaft (depending on the O.D. size of the flexible shaft) - So choose the right system for your job.
  • The RAM-5 system only works with special flexible shafts with a (R) type modification. These shafts are longer than normal and have an automatic stop so that the brush does not leave the pipe. - The flexible shaft must always be 6.1 meters longer than the pipe size itself, this is because the flexible shaft itself still has to pass through the Speed-Feed mechanism.
  • The RAM-5 system works best with GTC-211 and ENN-Type brushes. We do not recommend SGB brushes for this.

RAM-5 System Specifications

Engine power: 1 HP
Engine Speed: 0 - 862.5 RPM (Variable Speed)
Direction of rotation: Bi-directional
Speed Throughput Flexible Shaft (Speed-Feed): 0.9 meters/second
Water inlet: Minimum 2 BAR at 7.5 litres/minute
Dimensions (cm): 43 x 51 x 94 (length x width x height)
Weight: 34 KG (75 lbs)

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice on a Tube Cleaning machine or project, you can always contact us via [email protected]or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:RAM-5ADC-50-3
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