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Goodway RAM-PRO Tube Cleaner
RAM-PRO Tube Cleaner

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RAM-PRO Tube Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: RAM-PRO-A
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The RAM-PRO is one of the best selling Tube Cleaning machines from Goodway. Compact and multi-purpose machine, with which the brush can be rotated on both sides (left and right). Mostly used on board of ships (maritime industry).

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Introduction RAM-PRO

The RAM-PRO is Goodway's most widely used Tube Cleaning machine. This system brings quality and simplicity. Because it is a very compact system, it can be used anywhere. The RAM-PRO takes up almost no surface area, which is ideal in tight environments, such as machine rooms of ships.

Furthermore, the RAM-PRO has a durable body. Thanks to the simple Quick Connect coupling system, flexible shafts are coupled at lightning speed. This means that the set-up time of an entire RAM-PRO tube cleaning set takes less than 60 seconds!

The system offers a fixed speed, 862.5 RPM. This is the perfect speed for tube cleaning activities. In addition, this system is standard equipped with a bi-directional foot pedal. This allows you (with Quick Connect accessories) to rotate both left and right. This not only reduces the time spent on cleaning, but also makes it a lot better. Because you tackle the pollution from 2 different angles.

Methodology Mechanical Cleaning

The method always consists of at least (1) a machine, (2) a flexible shaft and (3) a brush. Below is a short video, where the method mechanical Tube Cleaning is explained by us.

In the video below, one of our customers uses a Rotary Tube Cleaning machine, together with a flexible shaft and SGB brushes, to clean a highly contaminated heat exchanger. The result speaks for itself:

Combi Deals/Product Bundles

In addition to the machines, flexible shafts and brushes, we also offer other tools that facilitate and improve cleaning processes. Below are some examples of frequently used Goodway Tube Cleaning accessories:

  • Chiller Bib Kit - To collect pollution and water at the end of the pipe bundle.
  • Repair Kit Flexible Shafts - Package of tools to make flexible shafts last longer, and to replace parts if necessary. This package includes the GSL-705 and GSL-LU1, with which the shafts can be lubricated and blown dry after use. 
  • RAM-PRO Service Kit - This is a service kit, consisting of various parts of the RAM-PRO.

To help you, on the right side of this page (halfway) you can see a number of combi deals (product bundles). Combi deal 1 is a standard Tube Cleaning set, consisting of a machine, flexible shaft and a bag of SGB brushes (10 pieces). In addition, combi deal 2 is a more extensive product bundle, with the "Chiller Bib Kit" and "Repair Set" as accessories.

Of course, you can also select individual items, for example if you only want to add 1 of the 2 accessories, or if you prefer a different type of brush or machine.

Specifications RAM-PRO

Engine power: 0.25 HP (115V) / 0.50 HP (230V)
Certifications: CE / ARBO (VA) / NEN3140
Engine Speed: 862.5 rotations/minute
Direction of rotation: Bi-directional
Water Input: Minimum 2 BAR at 7.5 litres/minute
Dimensions (cm): 51 x 23 x 41 (length x width x height)
Weight: 15.8 KG (35 lbs)

Alternative Tube Cleaners

When choosing an electric machine, there are several alternatives to the RAM-PRO. One of these options is the RAM-4. In terms of power and features, these machines are not very different. The biggest difference is the dolly that the RAM-4 has. This makes it possible to move the machine while it is in motion. Whether this is an advantage varies in principle per project. Another alternative, or rather the upgrade, is the RAM-PRO-XL. This Tube Cleaner has a number of extra features. For example, this special tablet can be used, which internally applies a protective layer against bacteria, corrosion, oxidation and other pollution. In addition, the RAM-PRO-XL is also mobile, and has an adjustable speed.

You may also prefer a pneumatically driven Tube Cleaner. The first option is the AWT-100, which is very compact and small in size. The upgrade is our AWT-100X, which together with the RAM-PRO is our most sold Tube Cleaner. This is by far our most powerful machine, and is therefore often used for heavier projects. Think of pipe cleaning processes in the Food and Petrochemical industry.

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice on a Tube Cleaning machine or project, you can always contact us via [email protected]or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:RAM-PRO-A
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Plus points of this system:
Compact and convenient
Operational within 60 seconds
Durable design
Bi-Directional rotation
Fixed Speed (862,5 RPM )
RAM-PRO Tube Cleaner + SGB Tube Cleaning Brush (Pack of 10) + Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning)
RAM-PRO Tube Cleaner + SGB Tube Cleaning Brush (Pack of 10) + Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning) + Flexible Shaft Repair Kits + Chiller Bib® Frame Kit