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Video Inspection Systems

Video Inspection Systems

Video Inspection Systems can be very useful during cleaning jobs to see exactly what you're up against. Of course it is also possible to create beautiful before and after photo and video material for your system.

Are video inspection systems necessary?

These systems offer no extra cleaning effect, so for physical cleaning of air ducts these products have no added value. However, if you want to add inspection work to your portfolio, these camera systems can be very profitable.

More and more clients and contractors demand an extensive work report with good before/after photo/video material. By using these systems you can take that extra step.

Benefits of a video inspection system

The advantages of a camera system are endless. For each step, the systems offer possibilities. Examples:

  • For cleaning: carry out inspection work, what do you stand against? What pollution is in the canals work and what does it look like in general.
  • During cleaning: see how the process goes and whether the selected brushes effectively remove the dirt.
  • After cleansing: What results did the cleansing have? What do the channels look like after cleaning etc.

Areas of application

If you have a camera system, you can do much more with it than just inspect air ducts. Sewage work inspection, for example, is also possible. In principle, you can use these systems wherever a camera is needed.

Endoscopes or Camera Systems

The biggest difference is in the price and the possibilities of the system.

An endoscope is generally a cheaper solution, to get an image at a short distance. These endoscopes are often short in length. So this is really a fast way to get photo and/or video material.

Camera Systems are larger, offer more possibilities and are more expensive.
In addition, these often have much longer reels (20-40 meters) and a superior camera image. Often in FULL-HD and with exposed camera head nozzles. These can often rotate, giving your inspection work even more quality.

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