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Goodway Spider Brush Orange Nylon
Spider Brush Orange Nylon

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Spider Brush Orange Nylon

Brand: Goodway
Article number: SB-N-100-4
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Spider Brushes are one of the best brushes designed to remove heavy dirt from pipes, (air) ducts and chimneys. Due to an oversized cleaning effect, you can clean a wide range of diameters with a number of brushes.

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Introduction Spider Brush Nylon

Spider Brushes have been specially developed to remove heavy pollution from pipes, (air) ducts and chimneys. Because they work oversized, they do not clean with the tips of the hair, but with the entire length of the hair. As a result, the cleaning effect is much better than with a normal brush.

These special Spider Brushes are connected by means of a double-lock coupling to a race rod or flexible shaft. Because of the coupling, it is possible to rotate both left and right. This also enhances the overall cleaning effect

Hexa Shape

The hairs of the Spider Brushes have a Hexa shape (hexagon). This makes a huge difference against normal ''smooth'' hair. The Hexa shape provides an extra strong scraping effect in the pipe/tube. This allows the hairs to penetrate the dirt better and loosen it. This gives the certainty that heavier (caked) remains are also better able to come loose.

Nylon Spider Brushes

Nylon Spider Brushes are the most commonly used brushes in this range. This is because the material gives an excellent cleaning effect 9 times out of 10. Also against heavy pollution, such as caked milk powder or flour. In addition, Nylon has no scratching effect because it is not a metal. As a result, it can be used in virtually any pipe material, without a high risk of scratching or damage(s).

Spider Brushes from Nylon can therefore almost always be used. Only when they don't give enough cleaning effect can you look at heavier Spider Brushes made of stainless steel. Or harder variants, like the Chainsweeper Extreme.

How many hairs (strands) do I need?

There are basically 3 different possibilities:

  • 4 beaches
  • 10 beaches
  • 18 beaches

This indicates the total number of bristles present on the brush. At the top of the page an 18-wire spider brush is shown. In principle, this in turn depends on a number of factors, for example: what is the pipe diameter and what is the contamination.

If too few hairs are used, the cleaning effect may sometimes diminish. too many hairs and you have too much torsion, which may cause the hose to interfere with the drive again. In principle, 18 beaches are hardly ever used. This is because too much torsion is often released.

  • 10 strands is almost standard with Nylon brushes. This is often the perfect intermediate and sits on a ''sweet spot'' when it comes to creating friction for the pollution, and not too much torsion for the hose.


Selecting the right excess is most important. Spider Brushes work best with a good excess. This allows the hairs to completely scrape the pipe. This is because the brushes do not clean with the tips of the hairs, but with the entire surface. Because of this, cleaning with spider brushes is often much more effective than with other brushes.

You can find the correct excess by using the following calculation:

  • Tube diameter inside x 1.5 or x 2 = size correct spider brush.
    For pipes over 100 millimetres, we always recommend the brush x 2.

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Article number:SB-N-100-4
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