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Goodway Spider Brush Stainless Steel
Spider Brush Stainless Steel

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Spider Brush Stainless Steel

Brand: Goodway
Article number: SB-SS-100-4-R
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Spider Brushes are one of the best brushes designed to remove heavy dirt from pipes, (air) ducts and chimneys. These stainless steel brushes are specially designed to remove the hardest dirt.

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Introduction Spider Brush Stainless Steel

Spider Brushes have been specially developed to remove heavy pollution from pipes, (air) ducts and chimneys. These stainless steel variants are even stronger than the normal Nylon variants. The stainless steel strands (hairs) give an even stronger cleaning effect and can loosen heavier dirt. Because they work oversized, they do not clean with the tips of the hair, but with the entire length of the hair. As a result, the cleaning effect is much better than with a normal brush.

These special Spider Brushes are connected by means of a double-lock coupling to a race rod or flexible shaft. Because of the coupling, it is possible to rotate both left and right. This also enhances the overall cleaning effect.

Please note this product is of a separate product line of Goodway Benelux. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Stainless steel beaches

The stainless steel strands of these brushes are extremely strong against pollution and have a better lifespan than the Nylon variants. This is because they are more resistant to extreme friction and the resulting heat. The stronger cleaning effect has the disadvantage that the chance of (small) scratches is higher. Because, of course, you work with a type of metal.


Stainless steel Spider Brushes normally have 1 clamp on the hair. These can be found at the end of the hair. This clamp ensures that the hairs stay together and do not come loose.

If you are going to do heavy cleaning with a lot of torsion, it can be useful to have a double clamp (reinforced). This greatly reduces the risk of terminal failure. And that saves you time and money. This option is often not necessary unless you plan to carry out prolonged and heavy cleaning.

How many hairs (strands) do I need?

There are basically 3 different possibilities:

  • 4 beaches
  • 10 beaches
  • 18 beaches

This indicates the total number of bristles present on the brush. At the top of the page an 18-wire spider brush is shown. In principle, this in turn depends on a number of factors, for example: what is the pipe diameter and what is the contamination.

If too few hairs are used, the cleaning effect may sometimes diminish. too many hairs and you have too much torsion, which may cause the hose to interfere with the drive again. In principle, 18 beaches are hardly ever used. This is because too much torsion is often released.

  • 4 strands is almost standard with stainless steel brushes. This is because, the 4 strands can then rotate faster and create more friction. More than 4 strands with stainless steel brushes is not recommended.


Selecting the right excess is most important. Spider Brushes work best with a good excess. This allows the hairs to completely scrape the pipe. This is because the brushes do not clean with the tips of the hairs, but with the entire surface. Because of this, cleaning with spider brushes is often much more effective than with other brushes.

You can find the correct excess by using the following calculation:

  • Tube diameter inside x 1.5 or x 2 = size correct spider brush.
    For pipes over 100 millimetres, we always recommend the brush x 2.

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Article number:SB-SS-100-4-R
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