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Transport/Production Pipes

Transport/Production Pipes

Goodway Benelux supplies innovative equipment for dry cleaning of pipes/pipes. Applicable for almost every application, where dry contamination is present. Good examples are milk, flour or cocoa powder in production lines.
Transport/Production Pipes

What is Tube Cleaning for Transport/Production Pipes?

Tube cleaning for transport/production pipes is basically removing left over product and/or other residue that is inside transport/production piping/lines. Some examples are filling lines, where flour type product is going through. After a production run, most of the time there is deposit left inside the tubes which has to be removed. If it is not removed timely, it could either build up and eventually block the pipe, or interfere with other types of product, increasing the risk of cross-contamination (2 different products mixing together).

By using a mechanical method, cleaning can be carried out dry. This ensures that the pipe remains water-free and does not become more sticky/polluted after cleaning. By passing through the pipes with a brush, you ensure that constant contact is maintained with the pipe. By using an oversized brush, you can always be sure that all the dirt is touched.

Operation Tube Cleaning

In principle, the method consists of 4 aspects, explained below:

  1. The cleaning machine. This is the drive of your entire system, the machine drives the flexible hose, which then rotates the brush. Thus, the drive machine ultimately ensures that the pipe cleaning set can do its job. Both electric and pneumatic machines are available. There is also a choice between fixed or variable speed. I can give this more control to the end user in some cases.
  2. The Flexible Hose. This is a black hose that is flexible enough to make 90+ degrees bends. You connect this directly to the machine. The inner core is driven and the mantle remains constant. So you can just hold the mantle during cleaning. It is also extra strong and heat resistant to 140 degrees Celsius.
  3. The brush(s). During pipe cleaning you need a good brush to clean effectively. The spider brushes are universal brushes that work with an (x1,5 - x2) oversize on the pipe size. As a result, they literally scrape the dirt out of the pipe/tube. Available in both hardened nylon and stainless steel.
  4. Suction. When you loosen dirt with the brush, it will still have to be removed from the pipe. By using Goodway Benelux fans, you ensure that there is sufficient air flow in the tube. This air flow ensures that all loose dirt is directly sucked up and removed from the pipe. This way you ensure that the pipe is not only clean, but also empty.

Advantages Tube cleaning

Tube cleaning packages at Goodway Benelux have a very interesting price/quality ratio and generally a very short payback period (ROI).

This is because it is a fast, but above all effective method to get pipes clean again. This is a set that is compact and can stay with the tubes, so the setup time is short. You'll be operational in 60 seconds, so that saves time.

In addition, this is a CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning package. This means that you do not need to disconnect pipes or install inspection hatches in awkward places, but this is also a time saving in the long run.

When the right brushes and accessories such as suction are selected, cleaning can also be done very quickly. With the right oversized brush, you only need to pass a tube a few times before it is clean.

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