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Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment

Here you will find all the necessary equipment for pipe cleaning on a professional level. All the best equipment is divided into categories here. Such as cleaning machines, hoses, brushes and also extraction systems.
Professional Equipment

Introduction Equipment

Here you will find all the professional equipment for cleaning pipes. This type of equipment is used by various large factorys/production companies to carry out continuous maintenance and cleaning on process pipes or tubes. By using the right equipment, not only a high efficiency of the installation is achieved, but also an increased level of hygiene.

After cleaning, product changes can be carried out faster and cleaner, with less chance of ''cross-contamination''. Furthermore, the pipes remain fully open, which keeps the total amount of flow optimal. When a pipe is half closed, this means that only 50% of the product passes through it. So the costs can skyrocket very quickly.

Goodway Benelux's professional cleaning equipment offers quick and effective solutions to these problems.

Machine + Flexible Shafts

The drive machine will drive the flexible shafts, allowing them to rotate the brushes again. Because the operator works with a machine and hose, there is almost no work to do. This not only saves time, but also labour intensity for the operator. So it doesn't have to constantly put a lot of power or regulate things.

With the simple on and off pedals or switch, the operator can quickly turn the installation on and off. Furthermore, the hoses take care of the entire drive process. All that remains to be done manually is to get the snakes back and forth.

Spider Brushes

Spider Brushes are innovative brushes, with which you can scrape the pipes clean with an excess. Because of their large excess (often x1.5 or x2 of the pipe size) you make sure that the contamination is always touched by the brushes. The nylon hardened hairs themselves have a HEXA-shape (hexagon) which makes them easier to scrape.

Available in Nylon or Stainless Steel. This allows you to select the option of removing harder soiling with stainless steel. Of course you can also distinguish between materials by looking at the pipe material of your installation.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tools

HD Cleaning Tools can be used when dirt cannot be removed with standard spider brushes. When contamination is so hard, special scraping tools must be used. Due to their stronger ''teeth/knives'', contamination can be broken and removed quickly and effectively. This is often the case with hard milk powder or similar.

Exhaust Systems

During pipe cleaning work it is very important that there is sufficient air flow in the pipes. As a result, all loose dirt will be directly sucked off and removed from the pipes. With the brush system you only loosen the dirt, if it is not sucked off, it remains in the pipes and the problem is still not solved.

By using powerful extraction systems, you ensure that contamination is effectively removed. This saves not only in the speed of cleaning, but also in the final cleaning effect.

Double-Lock Coupling System

Double-Lock is a simple and safe coupling system that ensures that brushes and rods do not become separated from each other. This coupling also gives the possibility to rotate both left and right. Which is not possible with standard threads.

You can attach or disconnect a brush/bar by means of 2 buttons on the coupling.
Because of the double button, you also make sure that there is (almost) no possibility of it coming loose from itself.

Personal assistance

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