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Tristar Sanchlot Disinfection Agent
Tristar Sanchlot Disinfection Agent

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Tristar Sanchlot Disinfection Agent

Article number: TRISTAR-1000L
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Sanchlor is a certified disinfectant for the effective killing of bacterial and viral pathogens. Apply the disinfectant, let it disinfect for at least 1 minute and rinse / rinse off with water.

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Product information + Scope of application

Sanchlor is a certified and ready to use disinfectant for the effective killing of bacterial and viral pathogens. On this link you can see which pathogens Sanchlor is effective against.

This product is intended for professional use in, for example, the healthcare sector. Where it can be used for both hand disinfection and disinfection of surfaces and areas.

Only the use as a means to control bacteria (excluding mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeast and viri on surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, etc.) in rooms intended for people.

Instructions for use

The liquid is ready to use and can be applied by means of a pressure sprayer, brush or spray system. Intended for disinfection of hard surfaces such as; floors, walls, furniture etc in rooms intended for the residence of people.

The surfaces to be disinfected may first be cleaned with a normal detergent and rinsed with clean water. Remove excess water. Distribute the solution over the surface to be treated using, for example, a spray system.

Apply such a solution that the treated surfaces remain wet during the application period. Allow the treated surfaces to air dry. Minimum application time is 1 minute for effective results.

Information sheets

Click here to download the product description.

Click here to download the safety data sheet.

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Article number:TRISTAR-1000L
Plus points of this system:
For hand disinfection but also for disinfection of rooms!
Directly available!