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Tube Cleaning

Tube Cleaning

Goodway Benelux supplies innovative tube cleaning equipment for low pressure cleaning of condensers, chillers and other cooling and heat technical installations. Both mechanically with brushes, as well as low-pressure projectiles.
Tube Cleaning

What is Tube Cleaning?

With Tube Cleaning we mean cleaning the inside of the pipes in a condenser, chiller or other cooling and heating technical installation.

This can be done in various ways and depends mainly on the installation to be cleaned. For example, smaller pipe bundles with less than 1000 pipes can often easily be cleaned mechanically with a brush system. (See: mechanical cleaning)

Larger bundles with more than 1000 pipes are often a bit longer, then it is logical to work with projectiles. Allows you to ''clean up'' pipes within seconds.
(See: pneumatic/hydrostatic cleaning)

What is the use of Tube Cleaning?

Efficiency and energy savings.

When your pipe bundle has clean pipes, the heat exchange will be better and the efficiency remains maximum. When pollution occurs on the pipes, the heat exchange will be less good and the installation will have to run more to produce the same result.

Not only does this take time, it also takes a lot of energy. And that in turn results in costs.
It is often said that Tube Cleaning does not cost money, but saves money!

Which systems can I clean?

With Goodway's equipment you can clean almost any installation, here are a few examples:

  • Straight pipe bundles (regardless of length)
  • U-Bundles
  • Bundles with smooth pipes
  • Bundles with spiralized pipes

How do I know what works best for my installation(s)?

This depends on a number of factors and facts of your installation. Our experts can tell you within minutes which system is best suited to maintain your systems.

Some important things to know:

  • Type System and pipe material (Stainless steel / Copper Nickel / Titanium)
  • Pipe internal diameter
  • Pipe length
  • Type of contamination in the pipes

What pollution can I remove?

With Goodway Benelux's tube cleaning equipment you can remove various contaminants. Mainly focused on soft to hard soiling. Extremely hard soiling, such as boils, cannot be cleaned, we recommend high pressure for this. 

Known dirt that can be removed:

  • Algae
  • Sludge
  • Mud
  • Shells/Mossels
  • Smallpox
  • Sand
  • (light) Lime scale

Personal assistance

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