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Hydrostatic Cleaning

Hydrostatic Cleaning

Hydrostatic Cleaning is 100% water cleaning and the best way to clean with projectiles. By combining 130 litres/minute with 28 BAR low pressure, tubes can be cleaned efficiently, well and without risk of damage.
Hydrostatic Cleaning

Welcome to the revolution within Tube Cleaning!

With the BFP High Tech Bundle Cleaner, you can quickly, efficiently and above all safely clean large tube bundles (heat-exchangers, condensers etc.) with special projectiles. This system can be used for almost any kind of pollution, from soft sludge to hard lime pollution. This system can handle it.

Why Hydrostatic Cleaning?

When a tube bundle needs to be cleaned properly, the BFP can be used. Because this system uses 100% water, there is a lot of rinsing in the pipes. This in combination with special projectiles ensures a (very) good cleaning effect. 

Furthermore, this system operates at 28 BAR low pressure, which will not damage the tube compared to traditional methods such as high pressure. That is why this system is often used for Titanium bundles.

Furthermore, compared to traditional methods, the system is technically very interesting to use.

Features of the BFP

  • 130 litres/minute with 28 BAR low pressure.
  • Cleans tubes within seconds, regardless of the length of the tubes.
  • Available with 1 or 2 pistols.
  • Clean up to 24,000 pipes in 24 hours!
  • Can be used for any type of pollution and any type of tube (including Titanium).

Areas of application

This PPP system can be used in almost every industry, here are some examples where the system is already operational:

  • Energy & Gas - Favorite at power plants.
  • Petrochemistry.
  • Maritime / Offshore.
  • Miscellaneous Industries - Used by construction companies.

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