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Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical Cleaning is our most commonly used tube cleaning method. The combination of machine, flexible shaft and brush is often used to clean smaller bundles (>1000 tubes). Very popular in various industries.
Mechanical Cleaning

What is Mechanical Cleaning?

Mechanical cleaning of an installation is one of the most common methods to clean a tube bundle internally.

The concept is simple, a machine drives the flexible shaft, which in turn rotates a brush. Due to the rotating action of the brush, there is continuous friction on the tube and the dirt will release quickly. In combination with a water flush, the pollution is also flushed away immediately. The water also acts as cooling for the core internal of the flexible shaft, so that the outer mantle does not heat up.

The standard speed of Tube Cleaning Machines is 862.5 RPM. This is the ''sweet spot'' when it comes to cleaning.

Watch the video below for a short explanation and demo about mechanical cleaning of various tube bundles with Goodway equipment:

Differences between the Tube Cleaners

Goodway Benelux offers various variations and systems, below is a brief overview of a number of different options to choose from:

  • Electric or Pneumatic drive?
  • Compact shape or Heavy-Duty Dolly?
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise or just clockwise?
  • Fixed speed or self-adjustable?

Most sold Tube Cleaners

There are some tube cleaning machines that are more often chosen by our customers, this is often because of their possibilities, price-quality ratio and other features. Below are our 2 most sold Tube Cleaning machines:

  • The Ram-Pro Tube Cleaner is the best-selling tube cleaner. This is a compact, electrically powered system that can be used almost anywhere. This Tube Cleaner offers a fixed speed and has a bi-directional direction of rotation (both left and right). In this way, pipes are cleaned optimally. With a Heavy-Duty Casing this device can also take a beating. It is often used in the maritime industry. Because the Ram-Pro is so compact, several Cruise Lines, Fishing and Dredging vessels have this machine on board for (preventive) maintenance of the coolers.

  • The AWT-100X is the best solution for heavy tube cleaning activities. This unit is also used to do heavy catalyst cleanings, or to clean large flue gas coolers. Because this device is powered by compressed air, an enormous power can also be extracted. Under the right conditions, this system can produce up to 4 HP of engine power. (That's 4x more than the Ram-Pro!) Furthermore, this system has an adjustable speed between 500 - 3000 rpm. In addition, this machine is often used in various pipe cleaning processes, including in the (petro) chemical and food production industry.

Composition correct Equipment / Combi Deals

Machines are the driving source of your tube cleaning activities and projects. Without the right brushes and flexible shafts you will get nowhere. That is why it is important to select this well based on your project(s).

In order to achieve the best possible equipment, the information below is often required:

(1) What is the length of the tubes?
(2) What is the internal diameter of the tubes?
(3) What contamination is present in the tubes? (soft, medium, hard)
(4) What material are the tubes made of? (titanium, stainless steel, copper-nickel, etc.)

With each Tube Cleaning machine 1 or more combi deals have been created, with which you can compose a complete set yourself. In this way, you ensure that you immediately have a complete package, for optimal use of the equipment. The benefits:

(1) You immediately have a complete package that works and can be used. This eliminates the need to search for other items to make it complete.
(2) The combi deals are cheaper than buying everything separately. This discount on the packages therefore makes it even more attractive to go for a package.
(3) Our experts have carefully compiled these packages based on our practical experience(s).

Personal assistance

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