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Water Cleaning

Water Cleaning

Pneumatic Water Cleaning is often used to clean large heat-exchangers quickly and effectively with special projectiles. This is performed based on the ratio of 90% compressed air and 10% water. The water here serves mainly as a rinsing agent.

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What is Pneumatic Cleaning?

When large pipe bundles, e.g. in power plants, open and have to be cleaned, this equipment is used. Because it is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of cleaning. That is why it is also a popular cleaning process for end customers.

You shoot (custom-made) projectiles on a low pressure basis through the pipes to clean them internally.
This works on a mix basis of 90% air and 10% water. Unlike the Hydrostatic way, where it's 100% water pressure.

Due to the air pressure, the projectiles are pushed through the pipes at lightning speed and take all the pollution with them. This results in a super fast cleaning process. Regardless of pipe length.


Because this method is mainly based on low pressure and involves little water consumption, it is a (very) interesting method of cleaning. Take a look at the benefits below:

  • (Very) low water consumption - less than 1/2 litre per pipe.
  • Safe method - low pressure/return protection.
  • (Very) cost efficient in combination with reusable projectiles.
  • Compact - Gun and Scrubbers fit easily in a box.

Areas of application

This system can be used in almost every industry, here are some examples where the system is already operational:

  • Energy & Gas - Favorite at power plants.
  • Petrochemistry.
  • Maritime / Offshore.
  • Miscellaneous Industries - Used by construction companies.