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Goodway TV2000 Powerfan (2500 M3/U)
TV2000 Powerfan (2500 M3/U)

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TV2000 Powerfan (2500 M3/U)

Brand: Goodway
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The TV2000 Powerfan is a powerful but very compact extraction system. An axial fan that extracts over 2500m³/hour.

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Introduction TV2000 Powerfan

The TV2000 Powerfan models are strong axial fans, which are made to create a central extraction point. Because they can create a high air flow, this is especially interesting for air duct cleaning projects.

In addition, the Powerfan models are small and compact, making them very easy to operate in all conditions. In addition, they have a durable, impact-free design, which makes the overall quality very good.

Scope of delivery Packages

The Powerfan models are delivered in ready-to-go as well as stand-alone packages, so you always have everything you need and can get started right away. Below is the scope of delivery for a package:

  • 1x High pressure axial fan DAF2500
  • 1x Dust collection bag SZ3/300 
  • 1x Suction hose LTS300 of 5 meters, 7.6 meters or 10 meters
  • 1x Robust Sleeve for Suction Hose
  • 2x lashing straps
Air displacement [m³/h] 2500
Air pressure max. [Pa] 275
Connection voltage [V/Hz] 230V / 50Hz
Power consumption [kW] 0.88 kW
Recommended fuse [A] 10 A
Noise level @ 1 m [dB(A)] 65 dB

 Rugged Sleeves

These tubes are lockable and easy to attach to the suction or discharge side with rubber quick-release fasteners. The polyethylene tubes are very robust, just like the casing of the TV fans. The storage ducts prevent the hoses from being damaged and lying around in your storage or during transport.

 F7 Dust bags

In addition to coarse dust, F7 filters also protect you against fine dust and pollen. Fine dust is harmful to health when inhaled. These filters are also called pollen filters because they have such a fine filter level.

These filter bags are washable and reusable. F7 is a high filter class that falls just under the HEPA standard. Because of this you always have a (very) high filter class dust bags for general cleaning projects. This prevents loose dust particles from swirling around in the room.

General security:
This manual provides information and instructions for the correct and safe use of the device.
Many accidents result from improper use. For this reason, the instructions in this user manual must always be followed. Furthermore, the safety measures must always be observed when working on the equipment.
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