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Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning

Innovative, low-pressure equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of (air-cooled) condenser-, chiller- and drycooler coils. By cleaning with low pressure and a high flow rate, the risk of damaging the fins decreases, while the cleaning results increase.

Low-pressure cleaning of aircooled systems

Air-cooled systems such as: condensers, chillers and drycoolers have coils which need to be cleaned regularly. When these coils are full of atmospheric pollution, the airflow will drop greatly. However, it is (very) important that there is a free air flow. If this is not the case (e.g. due to deposits on the fins), the system will offer reduced heat transfer. This is because the condensing temperature rises greatly. This will increase energy consumption quickly and significantly. In some cases, a fouled system can use 10 to 30% more energy than a cleaned system with maximum airflow!

Advantages of coil cleaning

  • The system will perform better, reducing energy costs. Thus, the efficiency is increased.
  • The coils remain free of contamination, thus reducing problems of corrosion and oxidation. Thus, the lifetime is increased.

Low-pressure and high flow

Goodway's cleaning systems (CC-400HF) offer a low pressure (+-30 BAR) with a flow of 12 litres/minute. This makes it very unlikely that any fins will be flattened. Furthermore, there is enough water available to flush the coils properly. When rinsing/flushing is sufficient/abundant, the contamination will literally be pushed through the coils. Making them clean and open again, so that maximum air flow is possible again. Which ultimately always leads to a better efficiency and lower energy / operating costs!

High pressure cleaning systems are often used to clean, while this is not the right choice. When working with high pressure, the chance of flattening the coils is much higher. In addition, the low water flow is not enough to ensure optimal rinsing of the system.

Tailored Expertise

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