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Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning

Innovative, low-pressure equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of (air-cooled) condenser-, chiller- and drycooler coils. By cleaning with low pressure and a high flow rate, the risk of damaging the fins decreases, while the cleaning results increase.

Low-pressure condenser cleaning

Air-cooled systems such as: condensers, chillers and dry coolers have coils which need to be cleaned regularly. When these coils are full of atmospheric pollution, the airflow will drop greatly. However, it is (very) important that there is a free air flow. If this is not the case (e.g. due to deposits on the fins), the system will offer reduced heat transfer. This is because the condensing temperature rises greatly. This will increase energy consumption quickly and significantly. In some cases, a fouled system can use 10 to 30% more energy than a cleaned system with maximum airflow!

Cleaning with low pressure

It is important to flush coils completely without damaging/flattening the fragile fins. Goodway Benelux therefore supplies equipment that only works at low pressure, making it virtually impossible to damage coils, even with micro channels. The high flow ensures that the water is pressed completely through the coil, flushing out all the deposits inside as well.