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Air Fin Coolers

Air Fin Coolers

Air fin coolers have tubes that require periodic internal cleaning. By keeping the tubes free of deposits/fouling, the heat transfer and thus the efficiency of the heat exchanger will remain optimal.

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Air fin cooler tube cleaning

Air fin coolers have tube bundles through which various types of liquids can pass. After a certain period of time, these tubes will have to be cleaned internally. Deposits in the tubes can lead to reduced heat transfer, which has a direct impact on the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Cleaning technologies

Traditionally, many air fin cooler tubes are cleaned with high pressure. This is a logical choice for hard fouling. However, there are also other options for softer deposits. Goodway Benelux offers 2 different low-pressure cleaning techniques, depending on various factors, one of the two techniques will offer the best result. In general, low pressure cleaning techniques are a lot more affordable, faster and safer than traditional options. Click on the links below to see exactly how the technique works:

A projectile tube cleaning is by far the fastest way to internally clean a tube bundle. On average, it takes about 10 seconds to clean a tube , regardless of its length. In addition, water consumption is relatively low. Due to the fast cleaning, the downtime will also be shorter than normal.

Goodway Benelux advice

Cleaning air fin cooler tubes is a technical job that requires good preparation. It is therefore recommended to contact the experts at Goodway Benelux. They will be happy to help you with specific information. They can also advise you on the system and the accessories you will need.

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