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Tube Cleaning 90-400 mm

Tube Cleaning 90-400 mm

Goodway Benelux supplies equipment for cleaning various types of tubes, piping and hoses without water. Think, for example, of stuck product residues in production piping in a factory. Suitable for pipes from 90-400 millimeters.

Cleaning of large tubes

Tubes and piping between 90-400 millimeters can be found in many different applications and industries. Think of, for example, a production or vacuum pipe of a factory that produces food products. Over time, product residues will get stuck to the tube wall. This can, for example, cause a reduction in flow or cross-contamination.

Goodway Benelux supplies a solution with which tubes and piping can be cleaned quickly and easily, without water. A tube cleaning system drives a flexible shaft, which then rotates a brush. Because the brushes rotate at high speed, continuous friction is created inside the tubes and the deposits will quickly release. In combination with a strong vacuum system, the loosened deposits are then quickly removed out of the tube/pipe.

Examples of dry tube cleaning

There are several applications for dry tube cleaning. Below are some common applications:

  • Vacuum/extraction pipe in a production plant
  • Transport piping in a production process
  • Filling or pouring line in a packaging process
  • Various tubes of industrial installations, such as fire tube boilers
  • Industrial tubes with deposits such as rust and scale