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Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chillers

Air-Cooled Chillers often suffer from atmospheric pollution on the coils. This (greatly) reduces the air flow and therefore the heat transfer will drop as well. Regular cleaning of these systems is therefore extremely important.

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Chiller coil cleaning

Air-cooled chillers have coils which need to be cleaned regularly. When these coils are full of atmospheric pollution, the airflow will drop greatly. However, it is (very) important that there is a free air flow. If this is not the case (e.g. due to deposits on the fins), the system will offer reduced heat transfer. This is because the condensing temperature rises greatly. This will increase energy consumption quickly and significantly. In some cases, a fouled chiller can use 10 to 30% more energy than a cleaned system with maximum airflow!

Low pressure - high flow

Air-cooled systems such as condensers and chillers usually have fragile fins or micro channels. In case of incorrect cleaning, for example with a high-pressure cleaner, they will quickly be flattened by the powerful spray. This will reduce the airflow, resulting in reduced heat transfer. This has a direct effect on the overall efficiency of the installation.

Because the CC-400HF system has a low pressure of only 30 bar, the fins and micro channels can hardly be flattened, even if spraying is done incorrectly. The high flow of 12 litres/minute ensures that the fouling is completely removed out of the coils

Cleaning from inside to outside

Larger v-shaped systems can be cleaned from the inside out. This allows for the pollution to be sprayed out of the coils, instead of inside the system. Goodway Benelux offers special, thin spray lances with a 90 degree nozzle for this purpose. These fit between the grilles of the fans, so they do not have to be dismantled. This option offers increased cleaning results, less downtime, labor and increased safety.