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Semi-Automatic Tube Cleaning

Recently Goodway Benelux and Peinemann Equipment have introduced their new innovation for semi-automatic cleaning and maintenance of heat exchanger tubes with high speed rotating brushes.

The combination of Goodway- and Peinemann equipment makes it possible to clean tubes at high speed with low pressure, all semi-automatically. It is therefore possible for the operator to clean several tubes at the same time without having to manually push the shaft through the tubes. When set-up, 1 operator can control the entire cleaning by him/herself, even if this is a setup with 3 Goodway tube cleaning systems. This cleaning setup is mainly used for:

  • Removal of soft to medium type deposits like: algae, mud, silt etc.
  • Removal of the last remaining layer of deposit after a high pressure cleaning. Before tube inspections have to be performed (IRIS- and eddy current tests).
  • Inner tube cleaning of (large) heat exchangers, condensers, airfin coolers and more.

Read our blog for more information about this low pressure cleaning technology.