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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Goodway Benelux supplies flushing pumps and cleaning agents for chemical cleaning and maintenance of various types of installations using the CIP (clean-in-place) procedure. It can be used, for example, for plate heat exchangers.

Chemical cleaning without disassembly

In addition to mechanical cleaning of commercial (HVAC) and industrial applications, it is also possible to choose for chemical cleaning using the CIP (clean-in-place) procedure. In this technique, a flushing pump is used to circulate a chemical cleaning agent through the plates or tubes of, for example, a heat exchanger. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively clean an installation, even with deposits such as scaling.

With a CIP, few parts need to be disassembled, so that the downtime of the cleaning is kept as short as possible. Below you can find all the benefits of CIP:

  • Installation can be cleaned on site, it is not necessary to clean it off site.
  • Very little disassembly required, which keeps the cleaning downtime as short as possible.
  • With plate heat exchangers it is not necessary to take the plates apart. This saves a lot of time and costs, because the gaskets do not have to be replaced. In addition, there is less chance of leakage by reassembling the plates incorrectly.
  • A preventive CIP program ensures optimum efficiency and lifespan of the installation.

Flushing pumps for different applications

Goodway Benelux supplies various types of flushing pumps to circulate chemical cleaning agents. Each device has its own specifications, making it suitable for a certain range of applications.

All flushing pumps combine a high flow with an integrated buffer tank, which means that virtually no peripheral equipment is required. This makes it easier for the end customer or contractor to perform the job. Furthermore, the smaller pumps also have a flow reverser. This allows the flow of the flushing system to be converted instantly, perfect for removing built-up gases and thereby speeding up the cleaning time.


Scalebreak-MP (multi-purpose) is the most widely used chemical cleaning product of Goodway Benelux. This is because it is hazardous-free, biodegradable and can be used on almost any material. In addition, gaskets remain unaffected during cleaning with Scalebreak-MP, so little or no new parts are needed.


A chemical CIP is almost always possible to perform, regardless of the industry. If the system is suffering from scale formation that cannot be easily removed, CIP may be the solution. It is important to choose the right flushing system as well as the chemical for your cleaning application. When the correct equipment/agent is used, the chance of success is the highest. In addition, when the correct pump is used the cleaning time will be as short as possible.

If you do not know which flushing system and/or agent is right for you, our experts will be happy to help. Please contact our customer service team.