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Wet Tube Cleaning

Wet Tube Cleaning

Goodway Benelux supplies equipment for tube cleaning of various types of shell and tube heat exchangers, such as chillers and condensers. The tubes can be cleaned with rotating brushes or projectiles, depending on several factors.

Heat exchanger tube cleaning

Goodway Benelux supplies innovative equipment and accessories for the tube cleaning of shell and tube heat exchangers, both in industry and utility (HVAC/R). Due to the various applications and variations, Goodway Benelux offers 2 different solutions:

These tube cleaning systemen also use water in addition to brushes or projectiles. Water is used to flush the loosened deposits out of the tubes and to cool the brushes and equipment. In practice, the water usage is very low compared to other cleaning methods.

Cleaning with rotating brushes

For smaller heat exchangers with max. 500-1000 tubes, mechanical cleaning with rotating brushes can be used. This is a very effective maintenance method that uses high speed, rotating brushes to create friction in the tubes. A low-pressure water flush ensures that all loosened deposits are flushed out of the tubes. This technology is particularly interesting for the following systems/installations:

Think of systems from well-known suppliers and manufacturers, such as: Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay etc.

Cleaning with projectiles

For larger heat exchangers and condensers, projectile tube cleaning is a very effective technique to clean the tubes quickly and effectively. Special projectiles are shot through the tubes within seconds. These projectiles remove deposits from the tube wall by scraping it off. This immediately improves the heat transfer and thus the efficiency of the heat exchanger, without the risk of damaging the tubes. This technology is particularly interesting for the following systems/installations:


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