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LNG Vaporizers

LNG Vaporizers

Goodway Benelux supplies special cleaning agents to clean the vaporizer tubes of LNG tankers using the the CIP (clean-in-place) procedure. This process is used to remove scale, rust, barnacles, and other mineral deposits.

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Fouling in LNG-vaporizers

Most LNG tankers have a vaporizer. These installations usually have thousands of tubes through which a cooling medium flows, usually seawater. The tubes of the vaporizer are therefore often made of titanium, due to its high resistance to fouling, corrosion and erosion. Nevertheless, after a while cleaning will have to be carried out to keep the tubes clean on the inside. Cleaning can be done in two ways: (1) mechanically, by means of rotating brushes or by shooting special projectiles through the tubes. Or (2) by means of a chemical cleaning, in which a special cleaning agent is circulated through the tubes.

Chemical cleaning (CIP)

Because seawater continuously flows through the tubes of the vaporizer, they will become fouled with various types of deposits over time. Think of: scale, rust, barnacles, mussels, and other mineral deposits. Typical fouling that is caused by sea water.

With chemical cleaning, a closed circuit is created, so that the cleaning agent (often a descaler) can flow through the tubes. This process takes several hours, depending on various factors. During cleaning, the descaler dissolves the deposits into a liquid suspension. The final result is that all deposits has been dissolved, and that the tubes are completely cleaned. The liquid that is left over can then be neutralized and discharged, this can be done in different ways.


Goodway Benelux supplies a multi-purpose descaler, also known as Scalebreak-MP, for the chemical-technical cleaning of an evaporative condenser. This is a biodegradable, industrial descaler that has been specially developed to remove limescale, rust, biological and other types of deposits. The descaler has various corrosion inhibitors, wetting, and penetrating agents, making it a very safe product that can be used on almost any type of material. Some features of Scalebreak-MP are listed below:

  • High-performance descaler designed for technical systems
  • Fortified to deliver high powered descaling while protecting base materials from excessive corrosion 
  • Safe on a wide range of materials including stainless steel and rubber
  • Very effective against limescale, rust, bio fouling and more
  • Biodegradable and exempted for the transport of hazardous substances, does not contain HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Dissolves 3,5 KG of scale per 10 liters of product

More information about Scalebreak-MP can be found here.