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Surface Condenser Tube Cleaning

Goodway Benelux travelled to a 300+ MW power plant in Denmark, where our equipment was used (1st time) to clean the main condenser system. Goodway Benelux provided assistance in setting up the equipment, and training of the operators. After 2 full days at the plant, the operators were able to clean 3000-3500 condenser tubes per workshift (6-7 hours). These operators never used our equipment before.

The condenser has 15.600 tubes, with seawater flowing through the tubes. The plant has an automatic ball cleaning system installed on its condenser, but as we often see, additional mechanical cleaning during stops is still required to maintain strong performance levels. In this case/video, nylon coiled brush projectiles were shot through by 2 operators, with our kinetic-hydrostatic pump system.