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Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer you are closely involved in the sales and marketing processes of Goodway Benelux BV. You are responsible for your own accounts, but you are also busy finding new customers through various channels, such as LinkedIn.

  • A lot of freedom to realize your own way of doing your job.
  • Do the things you really enjoy; selling, networking and making contacts.
  • Doing business internationally with great B2B customers.
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Sales Representative/Support

As sales support, you are responsible for the daily affairs of Goodway Benelux BV. You handle incoming requests, ensure a good customer service and send order confirmations to customers amongst many other things.

  • You are the first point of contact for new and existing customers.
  • Central role in the company, assist with various projects and support the team.
  • Very extensive role with a lot of responsibility and room to grow.
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Sales & Marketing Specialist

As a sales & marketing specialist you are responsible for the marketing activities of Goodway Benelux BV. There are various marketing channels (such as Google and LinkedIn) that you can manage, optimize and improve in collaboration with the team.

  • Manage all marketing channels and put your creative spin on our marketing.
  • Focus on acquiring new customers and retaining existing relationships.
  • A position with a lot of freedom, work closely with a driven team of people.
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