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Descaling Pump Systems

Descaling Pump Systems

Goodway Benelux supplies descaling pump systems for cleaning and descaling plate- and tube heat exchangers. Remove limescale, rust and biological deposits using the CIP (cleaning-in-place) method.

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Industrial descaling pump systems

Goodway Benelux supplies descaling pump systems to clean and descale plate- and tube heat exchangers using the CIP (cleaning-in-place) cleaning method. With the CIP method, virtually no disassembly of the heat exchanger is required, so that cleaning can be carried out quickly and easily. In addition, the descaling pump systems are equipped with various features, such as a flow reversing valve, to make cleaning even faster and more effective.

A descaling pump system is always used in combination with a descaling agent (cleaning agent). The descaler is circulated through the heat exchanger. During the circulation process, the descaler dissolves various types of deposits, such as limescale, rust and biological fouling. For this, Goodway Benelux supplies Scalebreak-MP: a biodegradable product that can be safely used for almost any type of material.

Industrial Descaling System

Cleaning and descaling plate heat exchangers

Goodway Benelux descaling pump systems can be used to clean different types of plate heat exchangers with minimal disassembly. Think of plate heat exchangers with gaskets, brazed- and welded types. The descaling pump system circulates a descaling agent through the heat exchanger, which then comes into contact with the plates and dissolves the deposits. After a few hours, the heat exchanger can be put back into service. The biggest advantage is that virtually no disassembly is required, which saves time and effort.

Cleaning and descaling tube heat exchangers

Goodway Benelux descaling pump systems are also ideal for removing deposits in tube heat exchangers. Water-cooled chillers from well-known manufacturers such as Trane, York, and Carrier are often cleaned with descaling pump systems if there are limescale deposits. The cleaning agent (descaler) is circulated through the condenser tubes of the chiller for several hours. During the cleaning process, the fouling is dissolved and flushed out of the system. A chemical cleaning-in-place is particularly effective in the case of limescale deposit buildup in the tubes.