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Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Goodway Benelux offers different cooling tower cleaning equipment. Descaling and cleaning of louvers and fills can be done with our cooling tower cleaning chemicals. Waterbasin can be cleaned with Goodway's cooling tower basin cleaning system.

Cooling Tower cleaning

Goodway Benelux offers cooling tower cleaning and maintenance equipment for different types of cooling towers. Some examples of this are:

  • Open loop cooling towers (cross flow and counter flow)
  • Closed loop cooling towers (fluid coolers and evaporative condensers)


Cooling Tower cleaning chemicals

Scaling in cooling towers can be dissolved and removed from the system easily, by using the Scalebreak productline. Goodway Benelux offers two types of cooling tower scale removal cleaning chemicals: 

  • Scalebreak-Gel; mostly used for removing biofouling on- and descaling of the air-intake louvers. Bring on Scalebreak-Gel to the louvers, let it react with the fouling for some time, and spray it off with low-pressure water. Repeat this process a few times until the louvers are clean again. This approach is most interesting for soft-medium types of fouling.

  • Scalebreak-MP; for stronger scale- and biofouling deposits. If the louvers and fills are strongly fouled with scaling, you can fill a cleaning bath with Scalebreak-MP, and clean the louvers and fills in here (see below). This is a very effective cleaning approach.

It's also possible to clean the entire cooling tower system with Scalebreak-MP. The cooling tower cleaning chemical is added to the cold water basin, and is circulated with the natural flow of the cooling tower. Scalebreak-MP reacts with all parts of the cooling tower, but also the piping and connected heat exchangers. Ultimately, the cooling tower cleaning chemical ends up in the water distribution system. The nozzles distribute Scalebreak-MP over the fill, so that it can also be cleaned during this circulation process.