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Tube Cleaning Brushes

Tube Cleaning Brushes

Goodway Benelux supplies tube cleaning brushes, to clean heat exchanger- and condenser tubes. Goodway's tube cleaning brushes rotate at high speed in heat exchanger tubes, and are effective against silt, mud, algae, biofouling and (light) scale deposits.

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Tube cleaning brushes

Goodway Benelux offers different types of tube cleaning brushes, used to clean shell & tube heat exchangers, water-cooled chillers and condensers, and other heat exchanger tube bundles. Depending on the application, fouling inside the tubes, and the tube material, the correct tube cleaning brush is selected. Tube cleaning brushes are rotated inside the tubes by a Goodway tube cleaning system, which removes the deposits, and leaves a clean tube behind. 

Cleaning chiller condenser tubes

Goodway tube cleaning equipment is used a lot for water-cooled chiller cleaning processes. The chiller condenser tubes get fouled with biological- and scale deposits, and can be cleaned with a rotating condenser tube cleaning brush. Different condenser tube cleaning brushes are available; the most used chiller condenser tube cleaning brushes are Goodway's SGB- and GTC-211 brushes.