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Water-Cooled Chillers

Water-Cooled Chillers

Goodway Benelux supplies tube cleaning systems to remove fouling within condenser tubes of water-cooled chillers. Chiller tube cleaning systems are effective against silt, mud, algae, biofouling and (light) scale deposits.

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Chiller condenser cleaning

Goodway Benelux supplies chiller condenser tube cleaning systems to remove fouling within the condenser- and evaporator tubes of water-cooled chillers. The cleaning is performed by using rotating (nylon) brushes and tools to remove deposits from the tube wall. Because the brushes rotate at high speed, friction is created in the tubes. This friction causes the deposits to come loose. At the same time, the low-pressure water flow ensures that the fouling is flushed out of the tubes.

The condenser tubes of chillers are often quickly fouled with deposits such as algae, slime, mud, biological fouling and (light) scaling. By using a condenser tube cleaning system, you are able to quickly and effectively remove these deposits and restore chiller efficiency levels.

Cleaning chiller condenser tubes

Goodway chiller tube cleaning machines are specifically designed to be easy-to-use by plant personnel and engineers in various industries. Water-cooled chillers are often connected to cooling towers. The condenser tubes are therefore prone to fouling coming from the cooling tower. Even with water treatment in place, it is unavoidable that deposits will ultimately end up in the tubes. A mechanical cleaning with Goodway equipment offers a safe and effective way to remove deposits.

Condenser tube cleaning systems

Goodway Benelux supplies several types of systems for the cleaning of water-cooled chiller tubes. Depending on various factors, such as tube count, diameter, length, and expected deposits, one of the chiller tube cleaning machines will be the best match. Some of the tube cleaning machines have been listed below:

  • RAM-PRO: compact, lightweight chiller tube cleaner which is often used in the maritime industry due to its compact design. Has a fixed speed at which the brush rotates.
  • RAM-4: easily maneuverable system with wheels that can be used for cleaning chiller condenser tubes. Can be used in virtually any industry. Has a fixed speed at which the brush rotates.
  • RAM-PRO-XL: advanced tube cleaning system with variable speed at which the brush can rotate. Also has an integrated tablet holder which cleans and protects tubes.
  • RAM-5: automatic condenser tube cleaning system which is used to clean medium-large condensers of chillers. Often used for manufacturing facilities (pharma, datacenters, etc.)

Improve chiller efficiency

Water-cooled chillers from well-known manufacturers such as Trane, Carrier, and York have tubes that become fouled over time with deposits such as algae, slime, biological fouling, and scale build-up. A fouled water-cooled chiller will be less efficient and still consume the same level (or even more) energy. In addition, the lifespan of the installation and components can be shortened by keeping it in a fouled condition. Tube cleaning with rotating brushes is a very effective way to remove the deposits in a safe and efficient way. In most cases, the nylon brushes will have sufficient cleaning effect to remove all deposit build-up. Depending on the amount of tubes in the condenser, different tube cleaning machines can be chosen.

By preventively cleaning the condenser tubes with Goodway chiller tube cleaning machines, the following advantages and benefits can be achieved:

  • Optimal efficiency levels due to increased heat transfer
  • Longer lifetime of tubes due to a cleaner environment
  • Less energy costs due to chiller running more efficiently