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Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporators

Goodway Benelux supplies equipment to clean the tubes of falling film evaporators. In time (or due to a production error), these will become fouled, leading to a reduced efficiency of the installation.

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Cleaning of falling film evaporators

Falling film evaporators are used in the food industry and in particular at factories active in the dairy industry. These installations have a relatively large number of tubes that will become fouled over time with the product that flows through them. Over time, especially with dairy products, this deposit can form into a very hard substance, sometimes resulting in blocked tubes.

In addition to the regular (CIP) cleaning procedure, it may be wise to periodically apply a mechanical cleaning with brushes and, if necessary, heavy-duty scrapers. The friction that is created will ensure that deposits on the tube walls are quickly released and flushed out of the tubes. It is also possible to open completely blocked tubes with specialist tools in the event of an emergency.

Applications and usage

The cleaning equipment for falling film evaporators can be used for almost any installation. Depending on the tube diameter, length and quantity of tubes, a set-up can be customized. In principle, a cleaning package always consists of:

  1. Tube cleaning system, such as the AWT-100X
  2. Flexible shaft
  3. Nylon abrasive brushes for regular cleaning and maintenance
  4. Scrapers for hard deposits and blocked tubes


Despite regular cleaning and good planning, problems can still arise that cause the tubes of evaporators to become fouled or clogged. In that case, equipment from Goodway Benelux offers a good solution. Many large factories already use this equipment for their preventive and/or reactive cleaning activities. Some examples are:

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