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Goodway Scalebreak-MP Descaler 20L
Scalebreak-MP Descaler 20L

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Scalebreak-MP Descaler 20L

Brand: Goodway
Article number: SCLBRK-20L
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Scalebreak-MP is an industrial descaler developed to clean technical systems, such as heat exchangers, quickly and effectively. The descaler is very effective against limesale, rust and bio fouling and can be used for almost any type of material.

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Descaler for heat exchangers

Scalebreak-MP is an industrial descaler developed to clean technical installations, such as heat exchangers. The cleaning agent has a unique formula that allows it to be used on almost any material without causing damage. In addition, Scalebreak-MP is biodegradable and (due to the formula) is exempted for the transport of hazardous substances.

Applications and usage

Common deposits in heat exchangers, such as: limescale, rust, and biological deposits can be easily removed by using Scalebreak-MP. Examples of installations for which Scalebreak-MP is used are:

Ready-to-use product

One of the big advantages of Scalebreak-MP, is that it's a ready-to-use product. There is no need to mix chemicals on-site before the cleaning can take place. The formulation is pre-blended and non-hazardous and therefore much safer before, during and after use. The descaler can be added directly to the installation together with water, after which the circulation process can start.

Not only does the pre-blended product save time and risks before and during the cleaning, it also makes the job easier to perform and less time consuming. During the production of Scalebreak-MP, the ingredients are all added in precise amounts at a specific sequence within mixing vessels. What this process accomplishes is a specific formulation meeting minimal corrosion rates, peak saturation points, optimal dissolving speeds, and non-hazardous transport for minimized freight costs.

Specifications Scalebreak-MP

Scalebreak-MP is a unique blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors, wetting, and penetrating agents. It is designed for descaling a wide range of metals, plastics, and other materials, including stainless steel, and offers excellent cleaning results and speed without compromising the long-term integrity of equipment base metals. The biodegradable descaling solution safely dissolves scale deposits into a liquid suspension and allows them to be flushed out of heat exchangers, leaving no residual solution.

  • High-performance descaler designed for technical systems
  • Fortified to deliver high powered descaling while protecting base materials from excessive corrosion 
  • Safe on a wide range of materials including stainless steel and rubber
  • Very effective against limescale, rust, bio fouling and more
  • Biodegradable and exempted for the transport of hazardous substances, does not contain HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Dissolves 3,5 KG of scale per 10 liters of product

Cleaning-in-place (CIP)

With most cleaning technologies it is necessary to partially or completely disassemble the plate heat exchanger. Especially when disassembling plates, this can take quite some time and cause further complications such as leakages due to plates being reassembled incorrectly after the cleaning procedure.

In most cases, a preventive CIP cleaning and maintenance program can offer a great solution. CIP basically means that the plate heat exchangers require as little disassembly as possible, before the cleaning can start. The system can remain on site and the plate pack can also stay compressed. Read the full blog about cleaning-in-place here (reading time approx. 5 minutes)

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Article number:SCLBRK-20L
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By: Chief engineer, 87m Feadship yacht
Date: 22/05/2024

The main seawater intake piping system of our ship was significantly fouled with marine growth and biological deposits. We used ScaleBreak-MP of Goodway Benelux BV, circulated the product for 9 hours with a dilution ratio of 35-40%, and achieved a very good cleaning result.

By: Ferienhotel Sonnenhof GmbH – Austria
Date: 24/01/2024

We ordered a descaling pump system alongside ScaleBreak-MP-EU from Goodway Benelux BV. After receiving the equipment we immediately cleaned 6 SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers with good results. The equipment and descaling liquid works well. Soon, we will clean our other heat exchangers as well.

By: Kreiskrankenhaus Prignitz g GmbH - Germany
Date: 20/10/2023

We have purchased a Goodway GDS-C40 descaling pump system from Goodway Benelux for the cleaning and descaling of 30 smaller plate heat exchangers in our hospital. In combination with the cleaning agent/descaler ScaleBreak-MP, we can remove limescale deposits quickly and effectively.

By: 2nd Engineer - 102m Feadship yacht
Date: 31/07/2023

We have used ScaleBreak-MP on various occasions to remove scale- and seawater deposits from various coolers on board our vessel. GDS-C40 pump system is used to circulate ScaleBreak-MP, good cleaning results are achieved. Customer service is top notch, highly recommend this company and their product portfolio for the maritime industry.

By: Nitto - Belgium
Date: 12/05/2022

For a CIP program for one of our plate heat exchangers, we purchased a GDS-C92 descaling pump system including Scalebreak-MP. With this descaling pump system and descaler we can now carry out preventive cleaning activities without having to disassemble the entire heat exchanger. This saves us a lot of time and work, so that we have less downtime due to cleaning.

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