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CL100 - Camera Locator
CL100 - Camera Locator

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CL100 - Camera Locator

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The CL100 Camera Locator is an indispensable piece of equipment. This allows you to see at lightning speed where your camera system is located, within the pipe/pipe etc. Super easy!

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The CL100 - Camera Locator.

Perhaps the most useful tool of all, the CL100 - Camera Locator. With this great piece of equipment you can quickly find your camera head from the video inspection system. Even if it is metres deep underground, or under a concrete slab. How is this possible? The camera head transmits radio waves on a special frequency. The CL100 - Camera Locator is the only device that can pick up this signal and 'track' the location within seconds. In this way, you can immediately see where the camera is located, which can sometimes be very crucial.

Compatibility and delivery.

The tracking system is compatible with both 40 and 26 millimeter camera heads. It also comes with the following accessories:

  • The CL100 device itself.
  • A headset to pick up the beeping signals.
  • Telescopic rod 40 to 107 cm.
  • USB charger and plastic case.
  • 12 pieces of yellow fat chalk.
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