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Goodway Jetload Cleaning Package (4,8-51 mm)
Jetload Cleaning Package (4,8-51 mm)

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Jetload Cleaning Package (4,8-51 mm)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: JL-5030
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The Jetload Cleaning Package is a quick and easy tool, specially designed to dry hoses, pipes and tubes with oversized foam projectiles. For both straight and curved pipes.

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Introduction Jetload Cleaning Package

The Jetload Cleaning Package is specially designed for dry cleaning of hoses, pipes and tubes. You shoot special oversized foam projectiles, the foam pigs, through the pipes. Because these foam pigs are larger than the pipe, they will remove all remaining fluids and dirt.

Particularly effective for:

  • Removal of product in e.g. food pipes (e.g. chocolate)
  • Drying of heat exchanger pipes after cleaning.
  • Remove fluids from pipes before any other product passes through.

With Goodway Foam Pigs you can clean various pipes, these can be either straight or curved. Valves and 90 degree bends are no problem.

Jetload Specifications and Features

The Jetload Cleaning Package has a number of features and specs, making cleaning even easier and faster. For example, the gun has a ''Speed-Load'' function, which allows projectiles up to 25.4 millimetres to be loaded very quickly. The Jetload has a range for all internal diameters from 4.8 to 51 millimeters.

Reach internal diameters: 4.8 - 51 millimeter I.D.
Fast loading? Yeah - ''Speed-Load''
Air requirements: Minimum: 6.2 BAR
Transport case dimensions: 46 x 14 x 41 (length x width x height) - 2.5KG

Various Versions:

The Jetload Cleaning Package has 3 variations, below per variation the differences:

  1. Standard Nozzle Kit: Mostly used, has 9 pieces of hose nozzles that can easily be put in hoses. Perfect for pipes and ducts.
  2. Coupling Nozzle Kit: Includes 9 nozzle couplings, which you can put over hose couplings.
  3. Tube Nozzle Kit: Has 9 pieces tube nozzles, especially effective for cleaning pipes, found in heat exchangers.
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Article number:JL-5030
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