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Goodway AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaning Set
AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaning Set

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AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaning Set

Brand: Goodway
Article number: AQ-R1500A-PACKAGE
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The AQ-R1500 Air Duct Cleaning Set has been specially developed to effectively clean ducts with a diameter of 200-460 millimetres. Regardless of the shape of the duct.

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AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaning Set

This set is specifically designed for the professionals under the air duct cleaners. Perfectly suited for (larger) homes, as well as office buildings and hotels.

The AQ-R1500 (basic machine) is fully speed controlled and has a range of 0-1500 RPM. This allows you to precisely adjust the speed to the application. In some cases, with weaker ducts, a lower speed can provide more security. In other cases, where a lot of dust needs to be removed, a faster rotation can provide more cleaning effect. With this system you have that in your own hands!

With the special black flexible shaft (GTC-704G-35) of 10.7 meters, you can reach most ducts and lengths. In addition, this shaft is very strong and light. Making it a handy and effective addition to this package.

The FDB-212 brushes are centrifugal. This means that they adapt themselves to the duct diameter, and shape. With a range of 200-460 millimeters, you can handle almost any channel in terms of diameter. All this with only 1 type of brush!

Specifications Package

  • 1x AQ-R1500A Machine (230V-50Hz)
  • 1x GTC-704G-35 flexible shaft (10.7 meters - 15.5 millimeters O.D.)
  • 2x FDB-212 brush (range 200-460mm)

In addition, there are several additions to the package available. For example, you can choose to add professional sealing balloons. This allows you to close certain branches of the duct network during cleaning. For example, to prevent dust accumulation or shut off a false air flow.

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Article number:AQ-R1500A-PACKAGE
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