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Goodway Benelux Hollow drills for PSM-500
Hollow drills for PSM-500

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Hollow drills for PSM-500

Article number: GTC-960-3
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Hollow drills are rods with an integrated drill bit at the end. The drills are available in different lengths and diameters, depending on the tube diameter that needs to be cleaned. Use the hollow drills in combination with the PSM-500.

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Drilling open blocked heat exchanger tubes

When (small) heat exchanger tubes are heavily fouled or even completely clogged with deposits, the PSM-500 drilling system can be a potential solution. Hollow drills are rods that consist of one piece and are hollow on the inside. This makes it possible to feed water through the rod, which then ensures that the drill head is cooled and that the loosened deposits are flushed out of the tube.

Specifications hollow drills

Hollow drills are used in combination with the PSM-500 drilling system. These types of drills are very effective in drilling and removing hard deposits (such as limescale) in heat exchanger tubes.

  • Available in different lengths, not possible to extend or connect other tools.
  • Available in different diameters, the drill bit must always be smaller than the internal diameter of the tube being cleaned.
  • Integrated drill head, no need for extra accessories.
  • The shorter the better, a long drill is more fragile than a shorter version.

Please note: the hollow drills are not included with the PSM-500 drilling system, you must order them separately. Hollow drills can be connected directly to the PSM-500 tool, you do not need an additional coupling.

Cleaning and then descaling

The PSM-500 drilling system is often only used when the deposit build-up is so extreme that there are no other options left. In most cases, a chemical cleaning is the best solution to remove hard deposits, such as limescale. However, this is not an option when the tubes are clogged. In that case it is useful to first drill open all the blocked tubes with the PSM-500. When the tubes are open, the residual fouling can be removed by circulating a descaler, such as Scalebreak-MP, through the tubes.

Goodway Benelux offers both descaling pump systems and descaler to complete a chemical cleaning process. On this page you can read more about Goodway's chemical cleaning solutions.

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Article number:GTC-960-3
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