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Goodway GTC-200B Brass Brush (Pack of 10)
GTC-200B Brass Brush (Pack of 10)

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GTC-200B Brass Brush (Pack of 10)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-200BQ-7/16
Goodway GTC-200B Brass Brush (Pack of 10)
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The GTC-200B Brass Brushes are specially made to remove (medium) to hard deposits and light limescale in straight pipes (ferrous and non-ferrous).

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Introduction GTC-200B Brass Brushes

For hard deposits and fouling in straight pipe heat exchangers or other cooling systems the GTC-200B series can be well used. These are brass brushes, specifically designed to remove medium to hard dirt from straight pipes.

Brass brushes can be used for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, allowing them to be used wider than, for example, the GTC-210 stainless steel brushes. Brass is also softer, so the risk of damage and scratches in the pipes is considerably lower.

Some characteristics of this type of brush:

  • High quality brass material for optimal cleaning.
  • Designed for (medium) hard soiling in straight pipes.
  • Available in both standard threads and quick-connect.

Of course, when choosing a brush, the internal diameter of a tube or pipe is crucial. For example, a brush that is too small will have too little or no cleaning effect. We recommend, depending on the soiling, to select the brush with a small excess. If in doubt it is useful to contact us, our professionals can guide you to the right choice.

Quick-Connect vs Standard Coupling

If possible, we advise you to always choose a 'Quick-Connect' version. This further optimises your cleaning processes, because the machineflexible shaft and brushes are fully coupled in one operation. This way you will be operational with the entire Tube Cleaning Set in one minute. The Quick-Connect series is available from 11 to 25 mm.

Another advantage of Quick-Connect couplings is that, in combination with the right machine, the brush has a two-sided rotating effect (rotating both left and right). This applies to the following Tube Cleaning machines: Ram-ProRam-4 and the Ram-Pro-XL

The coupling process is briefly explained in the video below, with one of our other brushes as an example (SGB series). You can also see how Goodway's Mechanical Tube Cleaning method works in practice here.

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Article number:GTC-200BQ-7/16
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Advantages of this product:
High Quality Brass Material
Available in Standard Threading & Quick-Connect
Can be used in both Ferro and Non-Ferro Tubes