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Goodway GTC-211 Blue Nylon Brush (Pack of 10)
GTC-211 Blue Nylon Brush (Pack of 10)

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GTC-211 Blue Nylon Brush (Pack of 10)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-211Q-7/16
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The GTC-211 Blue Nylon brush series has been specially developed for the removal of soft deposits and dirt in tubes. Think of mud, sand, algae and the like. This brush is often used in the maritime industry.

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Remove soft deposits in tubes

Blue Nylon Brushes with exclusive X filament technology are Goodway's most popular tube cleaning brushes. It is recommended for removing soft deposits (mud, algae, etc.) in straight, ferrous, and nonferrous tubes. Tube cleaning nylon brushes are made from the highest quality components with strict engineering tolerances designed to deliver the results you need.


The GTC-211 brushes rotate in the tube and thereby loosen the deposits. However, you cannot use these brushes separately, they should always be used in combination with:

Goodway Benelux also offers complete cleaning packages with all necessary products included. You can find these here: complete tube cleaning packages.

X-Filament Technology

The GTC-211 brushes have special x-type bristles. This specific type of bristle greatly increases the cleaning effect of the brush. In addition, it also increases the lifetime and durability of the brush, so you can reuse it more often than other types of nylon brushes.

Practical Usage

In the video below you can see how one of our customers uses the GTC-211 brushes for cleaning smaller heat exchangers:

Quick Connect & Standard Threading

The GTC-211 brushes are supplied with both threaded and quick-connect type couplings. You can find more information about this in the blog below. (Reading time 2 minutes)

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

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Article number:GTC-211Q-7/16
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