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Importance of flexible shaft maintenance

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  • By David Bokov
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Importance of flexible shaft maintenance

In this short blog we will explain the importance of the GSL-705 tool in maintaining blue flexible shafts after a cleaning job. It is a critical tool in order to maximize the shafts' lifetime and durability.

Blue flexible shaft maintenance

During a wet tube cleaning of various applications, such as watercooled chillers, a blue flexible shaft will be required. These shafts have an internal galvanized steel core which rotates inside the outer blue casing. They are attached to a tube cleaning system which can, while rotating, push water through the shaft. This (low pressure) water is required to loosen and flush out deposits. Furthermore it is required to keep the internal steel core cool during operation.


After a cleaning/maintenance job, some left over water will always remain inside the blue casing. If this water is not removed, it will cause corrosion and oxidation inside the shaft. This ultimately leads to shafts which cannot be used for the next job and/or have a significantly reduced total lifetime.


Importance of the GSL-705 tool

The GSL-705 tool is an excellent tool when it comes to maintenance of blue, flexible shafts. It uses nothing but a little bit of compressed air to blow out remaining water inside the shaft. It simultaneously mixes the air with GSL-LU1 lubricant, which ensures that the shaft internal core is preserved as well. The lubricant will ensure that the flexible shaft can be safely stored for longer periods of time.

Advise and conclusion

Blue flexible shaft are excellent shafts made from the highest quality. The internal galvanized steel core is one of, if not the best on the market, why not keep it that way? By using the affordable GSL-705 tool with GSL-LU1 lubricant you can significantly increase the shafts' lifetime as well as put it in storage for longer periods of time. Nothing is more annoying than a shaft which breaks down when you need it the most. Our advice is to use the GSl-705 tool after every cleaning job, since it only requires a couple of seconds to remove all of the left over water inside the shaft.


If you have any other questions, please contact our experts via the customer service page. We are happy to help!


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