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Goodway Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning)
Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning)

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Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-701-12
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Goodway Flexible Shafts are widely used for various cleanings within Tube Cleaning. Think of cleaning heat exchangers, Chillers, Condensers and other coolers. The blue colour stands for water rinsing.

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What is a Flexible Ash (Wet Cleaning)?

With the Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning), you can wet clean virtually any pipe/pipe/duct from 7 to 25 millimetres. It is used in combination with a Tube Cleaning Machine and brushes, often to clean Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers and other Coolers. The brush is guided rotating through the tube, and loosens the dirt through continuous contact with the tube. As the brush loosens the dirt, the water flows through the sheath into the pipe and the loosened dirt is drained away.

Here a short explanation video of the cleaning method, where you also see the blue flexible shaft in operation:

By means of a sturdy nylon mantle with a galvanized shaft on the inside, these shafts are the forerunner within the industry. The most important starting point when using the flexible shafts is to use the right shaft for the right pipe diameter (ID).

Some features of Goodway Flexible Axles:

  • Galvanized steel flexible core
  • Strong nylon jacket in the hose (durable)
  • Connection possible in Quick-Connect (quickly operational)
  • Universally applicable (fits on any Goodway Tube Cleaning machine)

What are the differences between all Flexible Axles?

What is the difference between a 701 and a 703 axle? This is the thickness of the shaft. Some pipes, for example, are 12 mm I.D. diameter. It is therefore not possible to pass through it with a 15 mm flexible shaft. So you have a different axis for each thickness of pipe. Below are 2 handy tables with the most important characteristics of each type of axle.

Type: Thickness Hose:
GTC-701 6.4 mm O.D.
GTC-702 9.5 mm O.D.
GTC-703 13.0 mm O.D.
GTC-704 14.3 mm O.D.
GTC-720 19.0 mm O.D. 

O.D. stands for external diameter of the flexible shaft.

Length Flexible Shaft: Indication Article code:
3.6 metres GTC-""-12
5.2 metres GTC-""-17
7.6 metres GTC-""-25
10.7 metres GTC-""-35
13.7 metres GTC-""-50

""" stands for the thickness of the Flexible Shaft, see the first table.

Number of advices from practice, when choosing your Flexible Axis:

  • Always make sure that the flexible shaft is as close as possible to the pipe in millimetres. For example, if your tube I.D. is 16 mm, we recommend selecting a shaft with 2 to 4 mm underside (depending on the soiling), for the most effective cleaning possible.
  • The longer the shaft, the more torsion is exerted on the core of the shaft. This allows the shaft to wear faster.
  • Always consider the space you need to bridge from machine to pipe bundle. If your pipe bundle is 5 meters long, but you can't get close to the bundle, we advise for example to take a little more length, about an extra 1.5 to 2 meters. This avoids skipping the last part of the pipes.
  • If possible, choose a 'Quick-Connect' version. This further optimises your cleaning processes, because the machine, flexible shaft and brushes are fully coupled in one operation. This way you will be operational with the entire Tube Cleaning Set (TIME = MONEY) in one minute.
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Article number:GTC-701-12