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Goodway Marine Descaler 20L
Marine Descaler 20L

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Marine Descaler 20L

Brand: Goodway
Article number: SCLBRK-20
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Scalebreak-MP is an industrial marine descaler developed to clean plate and tube heat exchangers in the maritime industry. Remove biological deposits, mussels, rust, and limescale in heat exchangers.

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Marine descaler for heat exchangers

Scalebreak-MP is an industrial descaler designed to remove fouling within plate- and tube heat exchangers in the maritime industry. Various types of vessels have heat exchangers on board which need some type of cleaning to remain efficient. Goodway's marine descalers have been developed to clean heat exchangers safely and effectively. The marine descalers have an unique formula that allows them to be used on almost any material without causing damage. In addition, Scalebreak-MP is biodegradable and (due to the formula) is exempted for the transport of hazardous substances.

Applications and usage

Maritime heat exchangers can have different types of deposits in the tubes or on the plates. Some examples are biological deposits, mussels, rust, and limescale. By using Scalebreak marine descaler these deposits are turned into a liquid suspension and flushed out of the heat exchanger. For this, you need to use a Goodway descaling pump system. By regularly cleaning heat exchangers, the efficiency levels remain high and less malfunctions arise.

Specifications Scalebreak-MP

Goodway's marine descaler (Scalebreak-MP) is a unique blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors, wetting, and penetrating agents. It is designed for descaling a wide range of metals, plastics, and other materials, including stainless steel, and offers excellent cleaning results and speed without compromising the long-term integrity of equipment base metals. The biodegradable marine descaling solution safely dissolves scale deposits into a liquid suspension and allows them to be flushed out of heat exchangers, leaving no residual solution.

  • High-performance marine descaler designed for technical systems
  • Fortified to deliver high powered descaling while protecting base materials from excessive corrosion 
  • Safe on a wide range of materials including stainless steel and rubber
  • Very effective against limescale, rust, bio fouling and more
  • Biodegradable and exempted for the transport of hazardous substances, does not contain HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Dissolves 3,5 KG of scale per 10 liters of product
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Article number:SCLBRK-20
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