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Goodway GDS-100 Industrial Flushing System
GDS-100 Industrial Flushing System

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GDS-100 Industrial Flushing System

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GDS-100-BV-A
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The GDS-100-BV is Goodway's most powerful flushing system. The system combines 360 liters/minute flow with a 190 liter buffer tank. This makes it a complete CIP system, capable of cleaning large industrial systems.

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Chemical cleaning of large industrial installations

The GDS-100 is Goodway's most powerful flushing system. This system was specifically developed for cleaning medium to large-scale equipment using circular CIP cleaning. Special cleaning agents, such as Scalebreak-MP, are circulated through the system. As a result, the product will react with the contamination and subsequently loosen and remove it. The GDS-100 has very strong specifications, making it an ideal system for many different applications. For example, the system has a flow of 360 liters/minute and a 190 liter integrated buffer tank. This makes it a total system, which is also easily transportable on site.

The GDS-100 is ideal for contractors who need to clean multiple systems. The system is equipped with a bypass valve, which allows the flow to be reduced if smaller installations also need to be chemically flushed. Furthermore, 2 pressure gauges are mounted, so that one can easily read the pressure. In addition, the flushing system looks professional, which is always good for the end customer.

Applications within the industry

The GDS-100 is specifically designed to be used as a CIP cleaning system. Especially interesting for industrial and commercial cleaning of various (HVAC) installations. For example:

  • PHE (Plate-Heat-Exchangers / Plate Heat Exchangers)
  • Shell & Tube heat exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Boilers

Advantages Chemical CIP Cleaning

The chemical CIP (clean-in-place) cleaning of your installation offers many advantages. In this way you not only save a lot of time and costs, but also reduce the down time of the installation. More advantages are listed below:

  • Installation does not need to be dismantled.
  • Operational within minutes.
  • Cleaning with correct agent increased efficiency/cleaning effect.
  • Reduces the down-time of the installation tremendously.

GDS-100 Specifications

GDS-100 voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz (7 Amps)
Motor power: 1 HP
Certifications: CE / ARBO (VA) / NEN3140
Flow in Liters: 362 litres/minute 
Tank Contents in Liters: 189 litres
Hoses + Coupling (included): 2x 38 mm hoses 7,5 meter long incl. camlock couplings
Additional Features: Y-piece, 2 pressure gauges & bypass valve for filtration + variable flow
Max. Temperature: 50°C
Water resistance: IP55 certified
Dimensions: 170 x 80 x 90 centimetres (length x width x height)
Weight: 100 KG dry (200 lbs)


Scope of delivery GDS-100

When you order a GDS-100 pump, you will receive the following items:

  • 1x GDS-100 Flushing pump System
  • 2x 7,6 meter circulation hoses (1-1/2'' - 38mm) incl. camlock couplings


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Article number:GDS-100-BV-A
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By: Abalco Group - The Netherlands
Date: 11/01/2023

We use the Goodway GDS-100 flushing pump to chemically clean/flush different types of (plate) heat exchangers on location or in our workshop. The device is ideal for removing limescale deposits. This pump has a large tank, which means that even very large installations can be cleaned without any problems. It's a great asset to our company.

By: Rocca Impianti - Italy
Date: 03/01/2023

Halfway 2022, we purchased a GDS-100 descaling pump for our CIP (cleaning-in-place) activities. We have already used the system several times for the cleaning and descaling of the tubes in water-cooled chillers. The GDS-100 is an easy-to-use, but professional and effective descaling system.

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