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GDS-100: cleaning and descaling chiller condenser tubes at airport

In this video you can see how the GDS-100 descaling pump system is used to clean a water-cooled chiller. The condenser tubes were fouled with scale formation and biological deposits. Due to the fouling, the heat transfer was drastically reduced, so a cleaning was scheduled. Based on the deposits, a chemical cleaning-in-place (CIP) with Scalebreak-MP was chosen.

With a CIP cleaning, a flushing system is used to circulate a chemical cleaning agent, such as Scalebreak-MP, through the tubes. The advantage of CIP is that very little disassembly needs to be done before cleaning can take place. The cleaning agent reacts with the deposits and then dissolves them. After some time, all fouling has been removed and the tubes are clean again. This immediately results in an increase in heat transfer.