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Goodway Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning)
Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning)

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Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-721G-17
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With the black flexible shafts, pipe bundles and other pipes/tubes are cleaned completely dry, without water. Often used to mechanically clean catalysts, flue gas coolers, production lines (food/petrochemistry) and boiler and flame pipes.

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What is a Flexible Shaft (Dry Cleaning)?

With the Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning), you can clean almost any pipe/pipe from 18 millimetres I.D. and larger, without the use of water. So also diameters of 50+ mm. It is used in combination with a Tube Cleaning Machine and a special Heavy-Duty tool. Often used for the following systems:

Below 2 short videos, in which the black flexible shaft has been used during a dry cleaning project:

The flexible shaft is equipped with a weighted and heat-resistant G-core, allowing these shafts to handle extremely heavy cleaning projects without any problems. This G-core ensures that the shaft is heat-resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius. The flexible core is also made of galvanized steel, making it a forerunner in the industry. Curved pipes can also be cleaned with the right tools, something that is particularly common in pipe cleaning processes in the Food & Petrochemical industry (see videos). 

What are the differences between all Flexible Shafts?

Type: Thickness Hose:
GTC-704G 15.5 mm O.D.
GTC-721G 21.2 mm O.D.

O.D. stands for external diameter of the flexible shaft.

Length Flexible Shaft: Indication Article code:
5.2 metres GTC-""-17
7.6 metres GTC-""-25
10.7 metres GTC-""-35
13.7 metres GTC-""-50

""" stands for the thickness of the Flexible Shaft, see the first table.

Number of advices from practice, when choosing your Flexible shaft(s):

  • Always make sure that the flexible shaft is as close as possible to the pipe in millimetres. For example, if your tube I.D. is 16 mm, we recommend selecting a shaft with 2 to 4 mm underside (depending on the soiling), for the most effective cleaning possible.
  • The longer the shaft, the more torsion is exerted on the core of the shaft. This allows the shaft to wear faster.
  • Always consider the space you need to bridge from machine to pipe bundle. If your pipe or tube is 5 meters long, but you cannot get close to the bundle, we recommend, for example, to take a little more length, about one and a half to 2 meters extra. This avoids skipping the last part.

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice on your choice, or if you prefer, you can always contact us via [email protected] or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:GTC-721G-17
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