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Goodway Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers
Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers

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Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers

Brand: Goodway

Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers are one of the most advanced tube cleaning projectiles available. These projectiles are specifically designed to remove hard deposits from tube bundles.

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Introduction Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers (SSM)

SSMs are Goodway's most advanced projectiles. These projectiles are custom made and delivered based on the internal pipe diameter and the type of contamination. Through the metal scrapers on the side of the SSM, the hardest dirt is ejected from pipe bundles.

Benefits SSMs

Carbon Steel Super Scrubbers are shot through by means of the BFP-System. This is because it is a completely hydrostatic (100% water) cleaning. The BFP-System can generate enough force to push the projectiles through the pipe. The combination of the BFP and the SSMs removes even the heaviest soiling.

Above the product you can see some pictures of recent cleaning projects. Here you can see the before and after pictures of the pollution. In some cases more than 50KG of lime has been removed!

U-Bundle Type

Custom made advanced U-Bundle type SSM's are also available. These can be used to effectively and quickly clean U-Type pipe bundles. Up to a certain radius, these special U-Type SSMs can be used. Ask our experts about the possibilities now.

Custom Made

Because SSMs have a tight shape, they can remove harder soiling. This also means that the correct excess of the projectile is very important. Too much excess increases the risk of the projectiles getting stuck. Too little excess means that the cleaning effect is not optimal. SSM's are therefore always delivered custom-made to the pipe diameter in consultation with the customer. In addition, it is important to know how much pollution there is in the pipe and how much.

Benefits Projectiles Cleaning

Cleaning with projectiles offers many advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Take a look at the biggest advantages below:

  • Speed. Time savings in projectile cleaning is enormous. You can shoot pipes of various lengths within seconds. With 2 persons you can clean about 1000 pipes per hour under the right conditions. That's faster than any method.
  • Cost reduction. Projectiles are relatively inexpensive and can be reused, so the cost per cleaning is much less than, for example, with high pressure. In addition, only one extra gun or system is needed to shoot through the projectiles. These are also for rent.
  • Safety. Projectiles are shot at low pressure. This is not only safer for the operators, but also for the installation itself. Pipes are not exposed to high pressures internally, such as high pressure cleaning of +500 bar or more.
  • Water consumption. Projectiles shoot through the pipe within seconds. So there is almost no water used to clean a pipe. Maybe a few liters per pipe, to rinse it clean.
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